Zurich voters reject ban on “suicide tourism”

ZURICH — Voters in Zurich overwhemingly rejected on Sunday proposed bans on assisted suicide and “suicide tourism” – foreigners travelling to Switzerland to receive help ending their lives.

Only 15.5 percent of voters in the local referendum backed a ban on assisted suicide, while nearly 22 percent supported a ban on suicide tourism, final results showed. About 200 people commit assisted suicide each year in Zurich.

Assisted suicide has been allowed in Switzerland since 1941 if performed by a non-physician who has no vested interest in the death. Euthanasia, or “mercy killing”, is legal only in the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, and the U.S. state of Oregon.

Many terminally ill foreigners – particularly from Germany, France and Britain – travel to Switzerland to commit suicide, taking advantage of the Swiss rules which are among the world’s most liberal.

Read more: http://www.vancouversun.com/news/Zurich+voters+reject+suicide+tourism/4786735/story.html#ixzz1MUYjsCnQ

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