Seeking a Commander-in-Chief for True Islam

By Faheem Younus. Adjunct Faculty for Religion and History, Community Colleges of Baltimore

I wonder if an ad went up on some websites on May 1, seeking applicants for a new commander-in-chief for al Qaeda? Trust me. Al Qaeda Inc. is not going to allow a leadership vacuum to develop — no matter how decentralized their operations become and how many terror franchises they open.

It’s a stark reality: Bin laden is dead, but his ideology is not. And inspirational leadership is the best catalyst for ideologies to thrive.

Today, the Islamic world is facing a hard choice: follow the militant ideology or revert to our roots of peaceful Islam? Choose militant figures or follow spiritual leaders? It’s like a billion investors looking at their portfolios and wondering: Where shall I invest my savings? The Corporation of Somali Pirates or Apple Inc.?

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  1. This is indeed the big question. For the last two decades or so Muslims awakened from Marocco to China. For instance in Egypt many more ladies are wearing the Hijab now than 20 years ago (just an ‘outward’ sign). But throughout this time, more and more, Muslims are saying ‘but we do not have any suitable leader’. Well, no wonder: Allah has appointed the Khalifa of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat for that position! Those Muslims who do not (yet) accept him will remain ‘leader-less’! May Allah be our Guide at all times.

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