Osama bin Laden dead: more bishops condemn ‘vigilante’ act

The killing of Osama bin Laden is a “vigilante” act of “vengeance” that undermines the rule of law, according to leading clerics in the Church of England.

Three bishops have added their voices to the debate over the legitimacy of the operation that resulted in the death of the unarmed al-Qaeda leader.

Dr Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, has been criticised by senior politicians and the Armed Forces after he questioned the American military action.

The Rt Rev Nick Baines, the newly appointed Bishop
of Bradford, warned on his blog that “jubilation on the streets” would not be “very helpful”.

“We might reflect that vengeance isn’t necessarily the same as justice,” he added.

Dr Tom Wright, the former bishop of Durham, who is now a professor at St Andrews University, went further.

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  1. I very much appreciate this, it certainly is a task for spiritual leaders to take a moral stance when international law is silent and the people are hysterical. May God the Father grant them a good reward for their courage, mashallah.

  2. Well, the least the US can do is to stop lecturing the rest of the world on ‘human rights’. Unfortunate really, we would not have minded the US lecturing on human rights, if they would observe them themselves.

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