News of the day

Source: times of india on line. WASHINGTON: It is probably fitting that the scandal engulfing Rupert Murdoch’s media empire in Britain is the perfect tabloid story. It appears rich in peculiar twists and phenomenal turns and seemingly offers a freakish parade of powerful people bent on petty if perverse agendas […]

Pyongyang waitresses sliced to perfection

Source: asia times on line. Elite young North Korean girls selected to work in a network of overseas restaurants are instructed by Dear Leader Kim Jong-il to undergo cosmetic eyelid surgery, even though the operation is so popular the girls would have done it anyway. A change underway in beauty […]

Staff of life, bread of death

Source:asiatimes on line. The global food system is straining under the intense pressure of rising demand, rising energy prices, growing water shortages and the onset of climate chaos. This, experts tell us, is only the beginning. The price of bread is forecast to nearly double in the next 20 years, […]

Next front in America’s war

Source: Pakistan may be the next theater of war as the US military establishment and Israeli lobby expand their campaign Even though it was Colin Powell who rang up Musharraf that cold September morning in 2001 asking him to join America’s war in the finest diplomatese, it was his […]

A second chance

Source: By Cyril Almeida SOMETIMES big decisions turn on simple questions. In the aftermath of 9/11, the question was a simple one: did we get it? Did our generals get that 9/11 was an epochal, seismic shift, that the old way of doing business had to be chucked out, […]

Business ethics in Islam

Source: Initially, different cultures and regions had different ethics of business. With increasing globalisation, the various sets of business ethics are continuously acquiring common values and forms. Islam has given guiding principles for all human activities and also prescribes and explains the ethics of business. More:

False nationalism

Source: THE comprador, clientelist military of a clientelist state has suddenly found its own sense of pride and nationalism. A military which has been critically dependent on US aid for far too many years has now turned around to say that it will ‘rely on domestic resources’ to make […]

UN bid will not affect peace process – Abbas

ISTANBUL/BARCELONA (AFP) – Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas arrived in Turkey on Thursday for a gathering with his envoys abroad ahead of a Palestinian bid for UN recognition, Anatolia news agency reported. Abbas is to meet with Palestinian ambassadors, convening in Istanbul at the weekend, before leaving Turkey on Saturday afternoon, […]