Sermons with humor

Jakarta Post: The expression “Alhamdulillah” is sprinkled throughout Muhammad Nur Maulana’s sermons during episodes of Islam Itu Indah (Islam is Beautiful). The Makassar ustad’s (teacher) show airs every morning on TransTV. His other signature expression — widely imitated by viewers — is “Jamaah… Oh… Jamaah [congregation]”, to which listeners respond […]

Delusion, denial and ‘Dr’ Liaquat

Source/Credit: The Express Tribune By George Fulton | August 17, 2011 The subject line read “Aamir Liaquat Exposed”. To be honest, I was reluctant to click open the link my friend sent. Having just eaten dinner, I was disinclined to see the good ‘doctor’ laid bare. My mind had wandered to far […]

Was Jesus Crucified? Ahmed Deedat vs Dr. Floyd E. Clark

Whereas, Dr. Floyd E. Clark stays mostly off the subject and indulges in emotional rhetoric to preach to the converted, Ahmed Deedat despite being a Sunni Muslim realizes that Sunni position about Jesus’ crucifixion is not defensible, so he nicely orchestrates all the arguments, which the Founder of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, had written […]

Woman disables anti-Islam websites

By ARAB NEWS DAMMAM: An Alkhobar woman studying in the United States is taking credit for destroying 23 Danish websites that denigrated the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), Al-Madinah newspaper reported on Thursday. Nouf Rashid told the Arabic newspaper she was hacking into Danish websites having references to cartoons […]


BACKGROUND Ever since the renaissance or the beginning of the enlightenment era in Europe and its consequent influence on the rest of the world, equality of genders or otherwise has been the most sensitive and debated topic. Medieval thoughts of many cultures and religions advocated superiority of men over women. […]