The history of religious persecution: Commemorating martyrdom of 86 Ahmadis on May 28, 2010

Photo: Google images (From the archives: On May 28, 2010 in Lahore Pakistan two mosques of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat were attacked by terrorists which resulted the death of 86 innocent worshippers who were gathered to perform their Friday Prayers. The following article was written after the attacks about the ‘history of religious persecution’, is reposted below […]

Violence begets violence

It’s clear that the fear down there. But above all, they feel very helpless, “says Nasim Malik, a Social Democrat from Kalmar with roots in Pakistan, regarding the situation in Pakistan. Last week, killed some 90 civilians and about a hundred people were seriously injured. However, it was not Bin Laden’s al […]

Divorce referendum: Victory for ‘no’ camp would be success of ‘spiritual terrorism’

Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando (MP)  said today that rejection of divorce at the referendum on Saturday would mean that ‘spiritual terrorism’ and ‘brainwashing’ would have prevailed. Speaking at a rowdy discussion on divorce organised by MaltaToday, Dr Pullicino Orlando said the Church and the ‘no’ movement were persisting in scaremongering. Rejection […]

Earning the Nobel Prize for Peace

Americans today still live in fear. The collapse of the Soviet bloc and the end of the nuclear arms race made the US believe its absolute military dominion guaranteed its national security. The Clinton Administration confidently shelved Reagan’s Star Wars programme (the Strategic Defence Initiative). The Russian Bear was dead. […]

Where life is extraordinarily good

Oren David was appointed non-resident Israeli Ambassador to Malta in February. He tells Kurt Sansone relations between the two countries have never been so good. “Western democracies should have affinity and show solidarity with Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East,” he says. It is a frustration that is […]

Religion: Divorce for Catholics?

A quiet reformation that may have profound effects on Roman Catholic discipline concerning divorce and remarriage is gaining ground among U.S. Catholics. It is being led by theologians, canon lawyers and even concerned bishops. The latest arguments for change include a sharp criticism of Roman Catholic annulment procedures by the […]

Humiliating and shameful

I have come about to write this article after much thought and prayer and not without spiritual and psychological anguish, even at this very instant that I write. Over the last few months leading to the referendum, as an official minister of the Catholic Church I have been involuntarily made […]

Fundamentalist isms

I am going to vote yes and I am entirely comfortable with my choice because we are not voting on whether the Catholic Church’s take on divorce is correct or not or on whether divorce is a morally acceptable choice or not but simply about whether civil society should have […]

The secularisation of Malta

The emergence of secularism is often attributed to the Age of Enlightenment when, in the 18th century, major advances in philosophy, intellect, science and culture led to major changes in one’s reasoning. This resulted in a gradual consistent separation between state rule and Church teachings. I still remember in my […]

Punishment for Apostasy and Islam

It is extremely unfortunate that there are many people and scholars, including, some Muslims, who believe that the punishment for apostasy in Islam is a death penalty. In some Muslim countries they practise this and punish the apostate with killing. As I have mentioned above that Islam declares that “There […]

Partnership for the whole of life

In the past, the word family referred exclusively and solely to a married man and woman who preferably had a couple of children. Today, the word family carries with it far more connotations; a single parent and his or her child is a family; two people of the same gender […]

Hot, cold and warm in Baghdad

On Easter Monday, I was sent to Iraq to monitor the progress being made. I did not quite have in mind to report on the sophisticated improvement in terror. Assassination, in Baghdad, is the new fashion in violence. Apparently, variety is not only the spice of life. Once I was […]