Victims of attacks on Ahmedis still waiting for justice

LAHORE: Victims of the May 28, 2010, terrorist attacks on the Ahmedi worship places are still waiting for the Punjab government to start investigation and catch the masterminds and culprits behind the heinous attacks, which killed 86 innocent people and injured several others.

According to eyewitnesses and different news reports, four to five terrorists brutally slaughtered the Ahmedi worshippers that had assembled for the Friday prayers in Garhi Shahu area. Separately, two to three terrorists launched an indiscriminate murdering spree at another Ahmedi worship place in Model Town. The dead included Judge Munir Ahmad Sheikh, Major General Nasir Ahmad, and Ejaz Nasrullah, nephew of Sir Muhammad Zafrullah Khan.

Victims’ families, while talking to Daily Times, said that they still believed that the recklessness of police and law enforcement agencies caused the human tragedy and increased the death toll to an immense level.

They also stated that the victims were again attacked in Jinnah Hospital after a few days of the incident under police custody. “Unlike other terror incidents, the Punjab government and law enforcement authorities never revealed any details regarding the investigation of the case to public and to the aggrieved community,” they said.


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