Violence begets violence

It’s clear that the fear down there. But above all, they feel very helpless, “says Nasim Malik, a Social Democrat from Kalmar with roots in Pakistan, regarding the situation in Pakistan.

Last week, killed some 90 civilians and about a hundred people were seriously injured. However, it was not Bin Laden’s al Qaeda, but Taliban militants who carried out terror attacks.Afterward, they took on the attack and warned of more attacks against Pakistan in the future. The article “People are afraid of revenge now,” the fifth May, Kalmar County Journal Nasim Malik spoke about the concerns of his friends and family in Pakistan is aware of the article.

– The revenge was, unfortunately, “says Malik heavy. Then he tells of the despair and disappointment he feels.
– I am really surprised that the maniacs are not taken seriously.There is nothing. UN, EU and superpowers do not do anything to stop the terror.

“Violence begets violence”
Malik points out again that Osama bin Laden was not as important to the terror but that there are many more crazy leaders and other networks than just al Qaeda. As he sees it as Pakistan now needs no help with weapon power, but instead it is mainly the education that people need, and a fair policy.

Violence begets only violence. But the innocent people of Pakistan should be helped now.

The fear held by the friends of Pakistan share Nasim Malik.
– It invested heavily in the prevention of the environment. But this is also an issue that will ultimately kill lots of people. We must put an end to the threat to innocent people. (Swedish to English translation by Google translator)

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