India: Muslim-Hindu Clash Is Deadly

Source: The New York Times A clash between Muslims observing the holy month of Ramadan and Hindus who were offering alms to one of their gods left one man dead and 20 people injured in northern India. The police imposed a curfew on Bareilly, a town in Uttar Pradesh State […]

An Indian Muslim’s response to Pakistan

Pakistan is full of people who still think that they will someday launch a ‘holy war’ or let’s say “Gajwa–e-Hind” on India. They aspire of imposing their colonial rule on India, quite same as America has done in Afghanistan and Iraq. The subjects as it aspires will have a unbreakable […]

Kashmir’s Hindus have survived ordeal

Source: The pioneer Twenty three years after they were last driven out of their homeland, the Hindus of Jammu & Kashmir have survived the nightmare and are now even more emboldened to return to the State of their origin. They cannot remain refugees in their own country  After bearing the […]

Humility and Hinduism

By contributing writer Gautama Mehta, originally published at KidSpirit Online Growing up in a Hindu family in New York, I’ve always been taught that I should try my best, but understand that after I’ve done what I personally can, I should leave the rest to God. Well, not specifically God, […]