“राधा” एक काल्पनिक चरित्र हैं! जानिए क्या कहते हैं पुराण और महाभारत

Source: hindi.speakingtree.in The title in English: “Radha” as a fictional character! Know what the Puranas and Mahabharata say ब्रह्मवैवर्त पुराण में “राधा” का प्रथम साक्षात्कार (Brahmavaivarta Purana shows “Radha” First presence) श्री कृष्ण […]

An All Religion Sermon: Be a hero

Source: staugustine.com In the New Testament book of Acts, Jesus is reported to have spoken these words: “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Jesus understood that to sacrifice self-indulgent desires, for the sake of someone else, brings happiness. However, Christianity is not the only religion that stresses the […]

Holi-Festival Of Colors

Source: Huff Post, by Jahnabi Barooah. Holi (also known as Dol Jatra, Basantotsav) is the Hindu festival of colors. It is celebrated at the end of the winter season, on the last full moon day of the lunar month Phalguna. In 2013, Holi will be celebrated on March 27. Holi is observed with great fanfare by Hindus […]

Hundreds of New Yorkers protest political unrest in Bangladesh

source: pix11.com  http://landing.newsinc.com/wpix/video.html?freewheel=91044&sitesection=wpix&VID=24614910 http://embed.newsinc.com/Single/iframe.html?WID=1&VID=24614910&freewheel=69016&sitesection=wpix&width=601&height=338 NEW YORK (PIX11)- Hundreds of protesters gathered in front of the United Nations today. The group, predominantly Bangladeshi-Americans, came together over political unrest in Bangladesh. Life in the small South-Asian country has been disrupted over the past several months, many blaming Jamaat-e-Islami militant political group. The protesters outside of the […]

A road straddling two religions

Source: The Hindu In an inspired moment, the street in Alwarpet was named after two giants of the legal field, K. Bhashyam Iyengar and Basheer Ahmed Sayeed Fellow heritage enthusiast and writer, Dr G. Sundaram, wondered as to the origins of Bashyam Basheer Ahmed Street in Alwarpet. Have the signboard […]