An Indian Muslim’s response to Pakistan

Pakistan is full of people who still think that they will someday launch a ‘holy war’ or let’s say “Gajwa–e-Hind” on India. They aspire of imposing their colonial rule on India, quite same as America has done in Afghanistan and Iraq. The subjects as it aspires will have a unbreakable […]

Kashmir’s Hindus have survived ordeal

Source: The pioneer Twenty three years after they were last driven out of their homeland, the Hindus of Jammu & Kashmir have survived the nightmare and are now even more emboldened to return to the State of their origin. They cannot remain refugees in their own country  After bearing the […]

Humility and Hinduism

By contributing writer Gautama Mehta, originally published at KidSpirit Online Growing up in a Hindu family in New York, I’ve always been taught that I should try my best, but understand that after I’ve done what I personally can, I should leave the rest to God. Well, not specifically God, […]