Why Some Hindus Are Angry About Reza Aslan CNN Show; Believer

hindu temple Toronto

A Hindu Temple in Toronto

Source: Huffinton Post

In the first episode, Aslan eats cooked human tissue with members of a fringe Hindu sect.

By Antonia BlumbergReporter, The Huffington Post

A number of Hindu leaders and activists are angry about a new CNN show they say depicts their faith in a sensationalist manner.

“Believer,” hosted by religion scholar Reza Aslan, premiered on Sunday with an episode on an obscure Hindu sect that practices cannibalism. The Aghori reject India’s caste system, as well as the notion of untouchables and the distinction between purity and pollution.

In the hour-long premier, Aslan sits down with an Aghori guru and ends up getting smeared with cremated ashes and drinking alcohol from a human skull. At one point, he takes a taste of what’s presented to be cooked human brain tissue.

The guru later threatens to cut off Aslan’s head if the scholar asks any more questions, and begins throwing his own waste at Aslan and the camera crew.

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