Netflix reality hit Indian Matchmaking tells some dark truths about life in my community

Colourism and sexism are found in every single episode, and with no LGBT or Muslim couple portrayed, it’s hardly representative of modern India either. But that’s no reason to write the show off altogether



When on top form, reality TV acts as a microcosm that showcases the very best and worst of humanity. It can bridges social gulfs by being universal and relatable. It also brings the unparalleled joy that comes with watching others humiliate themselves. Indian Matchmaking, the latest Netflix hit, is a prime example. It does all that, and more.

The show follows Sima Taparia (”Sima Aunty”), a Mumbai-based matchmaker who helps Indian singletons find prospective life partners. Through studying her clients’ carefully collated “biodata” – a mix between a dating profile and professional CV- Sima guides her clients in India and America towards successful arranged marriages.

The show is trending internationally. After all, everyone can relate to the experience of awkward dates, prying parents and the emotionally stumped man-child who can’t yet differentiate between a maid and a potential wife (”if she’s busy with work, who’s going to take care of the kids and all?”).


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