Day: July 10, 2020

Khilafat – the successorship of prophethood

Khilafat the successorship of prophethood After Prophethood, Khilafat is the most important institution in Islam. Khulafa are ultimately appointed by God through His Divine guidance. Though Khilafat had disappeared, it has been re-established as prophecied by The Holy Prophet, Muhammad (sa). more… Khilafat in the Qur’an “Allah has promised to those among […]

Prospect of chaos in November grows as coronavirus cases rise and Trump escalates attacks on voting

Source: CNN The rickety, decentralized election system that has been a hallmark of American life is facing its most significant test yet under the combined pressure of a worsening coronavirus pandemic and President Donald Trump‘s determination to undermine faith in the voting system. In November, this year’s presidential election could […]