Big Oxford University Debate: “Does Islam explain reality better than Atheism?”

The debate was hosted by Oxford University on 6th May 2019. The topic debated was “Does Islam explain reality better than Atheism?” and the arguments made were powerful, passionate and intense. Al-hamdulillah, the truth of Islam was demonstrated to be not only the best explanation of reality but the only explanation of reality that makes sense with what we can observe. On the other side, the Atheist’s denial of God meant that they couldn’t provide an ultimate explanation of reality without falling into self-contradictions.

The speakers were Mohammed Hijab (S.A.L.A.M Initiative), Abdullah al Andalusi (Muslim Debate Initiative) debating against Atheist speakers, Alex O’Connor, an international speaker and popular YouTuber “Cosmic Skeptic”, and writer for the New Humanist Journal, and Psychiatrist, Dr Colin Brewer.

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Oxford University

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