How Pakistani-Americans are entering interfaith and interracial marriages — and making them work

“I rebelled. I said ‘I’m going to marry whomever I want.’” FAHAD NAVEED | HUFSA CHAUDHRY Saks and Suzie’s Pakistani-Palestinian-American-Muslim family Saks Afridi and Suzie Afridi. — Photo courtesy Saks Afridi Fifteen years ago, at a crowded picnic in Redwood City, California, young college student Saks (short of Sakib) Afridi […]

Marriage in Islam

Ata Ullah Kaleem, The Review of Religions, November 1992 In the beginning I am presenting below the English translation of the Arabic sermon which is delivered on the occasion of the solemnization of a Muslim marriage: All praise is due to God! We laud Him, we beseech help from Him […]