Humanity First Germany in cooperation with Ahmadiyya inaugurates completed projects in Kosovo

Source: Shkelqim Bytyqi

Kosovo has some deficits in education and health system.  By the mercy and blessings of Allah the Almighty and through the guidance of Khilafat Humanity First Germany has started supporting the education in Kosovo with some successful projects. In this manner we are witnessing in this country as well the saying of Huzoor-e-Aqdas  atba that was stated at his keynote address at  the Humanity First Conference 2018:

“Wherever people are facing material suffering and deprivation of any kind, Humanity First should seek to be at the forefront of providing aid and assistance. No matter where in the world, or which communities they hail from, Humanity First should seek to provide relief to those mired in poverty or hardship.

In the beginning of December, Marketing Manager of Humanity First, Mr. Stefan Harter visited Kosovo to inaugurate some projects.

Mr Stefan of HFD and Director of School Mr Nysret

The projects were: Renovation of a primary school in Siboc village of Podujeva,  a basic furnishing of a public Nursery called ‘’Nuresery of Angels’’ as well in Podujeva and  two primary schools in a village Dumnice e Lluges of the Municipality of Vushtrria and in a village, Rastavice Municipality of  Decan. These two primary schools were equppied by Humanity Fist Germany with computer rooms.

The history and some interesting points that happen regarding these projects are mentioned below:

The renovation  of the primary school  in the village Siboc, Podujeva happened in the beginning of the year. It is interesting to mention that the director of this school Mr. Nysret Ismajli is a member of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Kosovo and he implemented the renovation of the school during a time were the teaching were stopped because of protests for having higher salaries. The director of the school used this time to do something constructive and beneficial for the betterment of the conditions of their school. The director was interviewed by the main city radio for this donation, which was accepted by the school.  He had an opportunity to make an introduction of Humanity First.

Also  something interesting happened at the nursery in the same city which was furnished by Humanity First Germany. This nursery is called Angles.

Mr Stefan of HFD presenting HFD Shield to Mrs Seleve

The director Mrs. Seleve Mustafa said, that because of the bad and poor condition that they were having in the nursery, the nursery was about to close. She said that: ‘’ I had lost all hopes that I further can run this nursery. And that time Humanity First Germany came and helped me out of this miserable situation by providing  new doors, new lights,  renovation of  walls. Now we can teach and work with children in a good envirement.’’

Now good envoirnment for children

So Humanity First through blessings of Allah had the opportunity to help this nursery in the right time to enable them to continue their work. In the day of inauguration they were very happy to receive Mr. Stefan Harter with a warm welcome with some traditional food and a presentation done by drawing the logo of Humanity First.

Mr.Stefan Harter, the representative of Humanity First Germany, took part as well in the inauguration of the two primary schools in Decan and  Vushtrri. He was received well by the mayor of the Municipality of  Decan and by the vice mayor of the Municipality of  Podujeva and the Director of social welfare of Prishtina. Mr. Stefan Hart had the opportunity in all these meetings to make an introduction of Humanity First.


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