Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Slovenia organised Arabic Language Course

Source: Talha Ahmad

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Slovenia successfully organised a free Arabic language course in the country’s capital, Ljubljana. Previously in 2015 and again in 2017 the community conducted a free Arabic language course for beginners in Slovenia’s 2nd largest city, Maribor. The course proved to be very successful and people from all over the country showed their interest in attending the course. Therefore, this year from the 18th of September 2019 till the 12th of December 2019, the community organised a free Arabic language course in their newly opened center/office in Ljubljana.

Arabic Class Room prepared and students awaited

A total of 35 people attended the course. The participants were divided into 4 different groups. The course was held on a weekly basis. The participants were given material for studying Arabic. In the course they got to learn the Arabic alphabet, its pronunciation, writing, reading, and a lot of vocabulary. At the end of course, the participants were able to make short sentences. The course was concluded with certificates and Arabic sweets. Alhamdullilah, by the Grace of Allah, this course proved to be very successful.

Successful Students awarded Arabic Language completion certificates

We received some comments of our participants. Some comments are below:

“Thank you for organizing course. The implementation of the course and the teacher took us very well into the basic knowledge of Arabic. I look forward to could continue with the advanced course.”

“Thank you for the great lectures, keep it going! Every year, we would need an Arabic course, given that there are so many different languages in Slovenia, only Arabic is not in abundance.”

“Fantastic course, very clear explanations, great pedagogical approach, very relaxed atmosphere. I hope there will be a continuing course as well.”

Most attractive and interesting is to enjoy Arabic Sweets



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