‘You are not alone’: Justin Welby reveals he sought help for depression

Justin Welby, the bishop of Durham, is expected to be named the archbishop of Canterbury on Friday

Archbishop Justin Welby.  The Muslim Times has the best collection on human psychology and self help

Source: The Guardian

By Harriet Sherwood, Religion correspondent

Archbishop of Canterbury says daughter’s honesty about illness helped remove stigma

The archbishop of Canterbury has revealed he is taking medication for depression and has urged others who are “walking in darkness” to reach out for help.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Thought for the Day slot before a mental health conference at Lambeth Palace in London on Friday, Justin Welby said: “Last year I realised I was depressed. I have a daughter who has been very open about her experiences of depression, and she helped me see that it wasn’t something to be ashamed of. It’s just life – and I got help.”

He added: “Depression is interpreted by many employers as someone who … is incapable of getting out of bed in the morning and isn’t able to do their job properly.”

Welby has previously spoken of his struggle with depression. In an interview with GQ magazine two years ago, he said: “I have those moments … when objectively everything is fine, but you think you are, beyond description, hopeless.”

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