Pope Francis Stops Hiding From the Church’s Sexual-Abuse Epidemic

Pope Francis

Pope Francis. Let us build our beliefs on truths and direct our activism towards human rights and women rights rather than evangelism, see the collection below

Source: The Atlantic

By Emma Green

The leader of the Catholic Church has issued rules creating worldwide accountability for reporting allegations of abuse. But he still faces deep cynicism from the body faithful.

Before this week, the Roman Catholic Church had no global policy requiring priests and bishops to report and investigate allegations of sexual abuse. No formal measure held bishops accountable for misconduct and cover-ups, despite a number of high-profile, horrific cases of wrongdoing by the Church’s top leaders. With story after story exposing new abuses around the world, Catholics have grown cynical about the Vatican’s willingness to face the global sickness of sexual abuse, and many have abandoned the Church entirely.

On Thursday, Pope Francis took a significant step toward changing that.

The pope’s moto proprio, which will take effect in June and remain in place as an experiment for three years, is a definitive and concrete step forward for the Church, demonstrating that Pope Francis is taking sexual abuse seriously. The new law is not a panacea, however: It does not detail specific punishments for Church leaders who violate these norms, and it does not mandate the involvement of authorities outside the Church. After years of paralysis on this issue, the Church must grapple with the crisis of confidence among the faithful, along with skeptics who believe the Catholic Church is not capable of policing itself against abuses of power.

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  1. Wow, you really like to undermine the Catholic Church and Pope Francis on this site while acting like you promote interfaith tolerance. Are we to assume no Imam’s have sexually abused anyone? When are you going to expose them as well or is the deed only bad when Christians do it.

    • Yes we would. However it is a fact that the ‘celibate’ priests seem to suffer from this problem more than the married Imams.

  2. We promote human rights and want to expose violations whether by priests, Imams or politicians. Our focus is not on dogma but on human dignity and mutual compassion and love.

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