Did Jesus Die on Thursday or Friday?

last supper

Jesus and the twelve apostles on maundy Thursday at the Last Supper. This window is located in the cathedral of Brussels and was created in 1866. The Muslim Times has the best collection of articles on rational understanding of Easter

The Day Christ Died — Was it on a Thursday or Friday?

Source: Huffington Post

Professor of Religious Studies at University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Later Christian tradition put Jesus’ last meal with his disciples on Thursday evening and his crucifixion on what we call today “Good Friday.” We now know that is one day off. Jesus’ last meal was Wednesday night, and he was crucified on Thursday, the 14th of the Hebrew month Nisan. The Passover meal itself was eaten Thursday night, at sundown, as the 15th of Nisan began. Jesus never ate that Passover meal. He had died at 3 p.m. on Thursday afternoon.

The reason it matters is that getting the chronology straight that weekend enables us to understand the early tradition that Jesus was in the tomb “three days and three nights,” as well as the chronology of the “Last Supper” and the Passover and how the Sabbaths and festival days correlate together that year. This alternative chronology makes all our pieces fit from our various sources, including the Synoptic Gospels, John, and the Gospel of Peter.

The confusion arose because all the gospels say that there was a rush to get his body off the cross and buried before sundown because the “Sabbath” was near. Everyone assumed the reference to “the Sabbath” had to be Saturday — so the crucifixion must have been on a Friday. However, as Jews know, the day of Passover itself is also a “Sabbath” or rest day — no matter what weekday it falls on. In the year 30 AD Friday, the 15th of the Jewish month Nisan was also a Sabbath — so two Sabbaths occurred back to back — Friday and Saturday. Matthew seems to know this as he says that the women who visited Jesus’ tomb came early Sunday morning “after the Sabbaths” (Matthew 28:1).

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  1. Does it really matter on which day Jesus is supposed to have died. It’s all symbolic. Much the same as Christmas. The whole story of Christianity was created by St Paul based on Roman festivals and pagan mythology, Easter being the celebration of Spring and rebirth of nature, and Christmas/New Year represents the changing seasons/new light or the Winter Solstice. All worth celebrating. A figure such as Jesus offering a moral compass or guidance for humans has a place in life, and many find peace and contentment in that belief, whilst others find their own path, religious or not.

  2. Jesus did die on Friday. Thursday night IS FRIDAY, therefore, Jesus ate the passover meal ON FRIDAY, and died the SAME DAY, several hours later. The passover meal was NOT on Thursday at all. It was indeed on Thursday NIGHT, which was NOT Thursday anymore, but Friday. As soon as the sun set on Thursday night, it’s no longer Thursday.

    Now, how you get 3 days and 3 nights from Good Friday Afternoon to Easter Sunday Morning?

    That’s easy.

    Genesis 1:5 (and others) tells us that if it is light outside, it’s called DAY. If it is dark outside, it is NIGHT.

    It was DARK when Jesus was on the cross, not light, when Jesus died at about 3 pm in the afternoon.

    Dark means NIGHT regardless of what time it was. After Jesus died, it became light again, then dark again at NORMAL sunset.

    Now you can get three days and three nights. Oh, and the woman arrived at the tomb AFTER sunrise had already taken place…NOT when it was still dark.

    Ed Chapman

  3. Ed Chapman

    Your logic is impeccable. If cloud recedes and gets in front of the sun we can have multiple days and nights during the day.

    If you have an intense lighting in a room, at night, by turning it on and off you can have a whole year within in a night. This is how in Biblical times men had long lifespans.

    • I said nothing about clouds, or an eclipse, either. All I said was that it was dark. It had to be dark. How it became dark is not my concern. The fact is, is that everything pertaining to Passover had to equate to Jesus. And it did. Jesus was killed when it was dark, and so is the real passover lamb.

      Keep this in mind, that God is the one who killed the FIRST ANIMAL to “COVER” the sins of Adam and Eve, and to maintain that RELATIONSHIP, they had to maintain sacrifices. Sin, sacrifice, sin again, another sacrifice. Without sacrifices, there could not be a relationship.

      Move some 4000 years later, Jesus comes on the scene, and states, “Hey, fellows, I’m the LAST SACRIFICE you will ever need.


      Ed Chapman

      • Mr. Chapman: Just a question: Could God not have just ‘not given us the original sin’? Then no sacrifice would be necessary. Or He could have said ‘In my mercy I forgive you’. Then no sacrifice would have been necessary either.

      • Hi Rafiq,

        Well, just for the record, I am a non-denomination Christian, not Catholic, and not a REFORM either, so I do NOT believe in “original sin”.

        My studies show that you are responsible for your own sin, at the MOMENT that you have KNOWLEDGE of it, hence the name of the Tree in the garden with the same name.

        And by God killing the FIRST animal, that is seen TWO ways:

        1. Skins to “cover” their nakedness, and…
        2. Blood of the animal to “cover” their shame (of the KNOWLEDGE of their personal sins).

        The words “nakedness” and “shame” have BOTH a carnal (natural) meaning, as well as a spiritual one.

        Without KNOWLEDGE, sin is NOT imputed at all. In other words, ignorance is bliss.

        Children, for example, have NO KNOWLEDGE of sin, until such a time that we adults teach them of GOOD AND EVIL. Until then, children are innocent, no matter what sin they may have committed.

        So, children, when they die, they go to be with God, because no sin can be imputed to the ignorant.

        This is why I do not believe in “Original Sin”.

        However, God killed that animal for a reason, NOT JUST to cover up genitals, but it was the BLOOD that covers sin.

        So no, God could NOT just give MERCY, and be done with it. He was showing that sacrifices were necessary because blood had to be shed.

        Blood is extremely important in the conversation. The Passover lamb was about the blood of the lamb, that the death angel would PASS OVER those who had the blood on the door posts. If no blood, DEATH came to those who did not have blood on their door.

        Ed Chapman

      • Rafiq,

        By the way, I need to also add that God asked Adam and Eve, “WHO TOLD YOU THAT YOU WERE NAKED”?

        Ponder that!

        In other words, God did NOT want them to know Good or Evil. AS long as they did not eat of that tree of, what is word? KNOWLEDGE? They remained ignorant, and ignorance is where God wanted them.

        But also notice something else, too:

        God never told them to find the Tree of Life to eat of it. He never even mentioned that tree to them at all.

        But, God had to block that tree, so that they would not eat of it in a fallen state, otherwise, they would be ETERNALLY separated from God, but they would indeed live eternally.

        Bottom line:

        Sin separates us from God, the sacrifice RESUMES the relationship. And since we, as Christians, see Jesus as the sacrifice, we have an eternal RELATIONSHIP with God, not to be separated again by sin.

        We know that we are still sinful creatures, but we have a sacrifice that is eternal, that is, Jesus, and we will not cease sinning until this natural body dies.

        Ed Chapman

      • and we have Allah, the God that is Gracious and Merciful. No need to sacrifice any one who himself did not commit a sin. All Praise is due to Allah

      • Yes, you have Allah. Good luck with that on judgment day. I have Jesus, all sins forgiven BASED on his sacrifice FOR ME. God saved me thru the sacrifice of Jesus. I have eternal life. You have no clue about your eternal destiny yet. But I know mine.

      • Without the shedding of BLOOD, there is no remission for sins. How did you determine what SIN is? Moses, right? Even Moses performed sacrifices. I’m quite sure that you read that somewhere before.

      • Genesis 4:
        3 And in process of time it came to pass, that Cain brought of the fruit of the ground an offering unto the Lord.

        4 And Abel, he also brought of the firstlings of his flock and of the fat thereof. And the Lord had respect unto Abel and to his offering:

        5 But unto Cain and to his offering he had not respect. And Cain was very wroth, and his countenance fell.

        Now, what do you suppose Cain did with the flock that he brought to the Lord? He killed them, right? That is sacrifice. But why did God not have respect for Cain’s sacrifice? To me, it’s obvious that Cain wasn’t really sorry for the sins that he had committed, and this was prior to Cain murdering Abel. Sacrifices were performed based on God’s first killing of an animal. God killed the first animal, and God killed the Lamb of God by the hands of the Jews and Romans. God blinded the Jews so that Jesus would be killed, from the very beginning, and Moses said so, that “to this day”, God had not given them eyes to see, or ears to hear. The mission of Jesus was that cross. Peter tried to defend Jesus by cutting off the ear of a soldier. Satan did not want Jesus to get to that cross. Satan did not want Jesus to be born at all. Prophesy had said that Jesus comes from the family line of Judah. The son of Judah didn’t want kids, apparently, so God killed him. Satan tried to thwart the prophesy. The widow played a harlot, had sex with father in law, and she became pregnant, hence, prophesy comes true that Jesus still comes from the line of Judah. Put Moses and Jesus side by side. Put King David and Jesus side by side. Put Solomon and Jesus side by side. It’s all prophesy of Jesus. Even the Feasts are prophesy of Jesus. Even Abraham is prophesy of Jesus. All of the Hebrew writings are prophesy of Jesus. It’s all about Jesus. From Genesis to Malachi, it’s all about Jesus. It’s not by accident that Jesus was killed above the ground that the head of Goliath was buried…Golgotha! That is prophesy in Genesis 3:15. There is so much. Non-Christians read the bible and CAN’T see the prophesies, and God did that on purpose, because they don’t have ears to hear, eyes to see. They just see it as a book, no different than a novel with straight words, and no hidden meanings.

      • You had said:
        “No need to sacrifice any one who himself did not commit a sin”
        My response:
        What was the RULES pertaining to the Passover lamb? Answer: Lamb WITHOUT BLEMISH. This is prophesy of Jesus, indicating that Jesus is WITHOUT BLEMISH, or NO SIN. Again, everything about the Passover had to equate to Jesus, and it did. Without blemish. I wonder what the Huffington Post has to say about that?

    • If ya want some evidence from me, here it is:


      Mark 15:25
      And it was the third hour, and they crucified him.

      Some claim that Jesus was crucified at 9:00 am, citing Mark 15:25, equating that crucifying means putting Jesus on the cross at 9 am.

      But Jesus was not on the cross at 9 am, nor was he crucified at 9 am. Mark 15:25 states that it was the third hour, but people seem to assume that Mark was discussing the third hour of the day, which would be 9:00 am if he was, but he wasn’t.

      He was discussing the third hour of the night, not the day. Darkness (NIGHT-Genesis 1:5) began at NOON. It was 3 pm, and they crucified him.

      Mark 15:25 (Third hour of the night (3:00 P.M., not 9:00 A.M.))
      And it was the third hour, and they crucified him.

      Now, check out the following:

      John 19:14-16 (The Sixth Hour of the DAY (About Noon, and he had NOT been crucified yet…”TO BE CRUCIFIED”.)
      “And it was the preparation of the passover, and about the sixth hour: and he saith unto the Jews, Behold your King! But they cried out, Away with him, away with him, crucify him. Pilate saith unto them, Shall I crucify your King? The chief priests answered, We have no king but Caesar. Then delivered he him therefore unto them to be crucified.”

      Mark 15:25 cannot be the 3rd hour of the day (9 AM) because in John 19:14-16 it was noon and he hadn’t been crucified yet. At noon he was “TO BE” crucified. He had not even gotten on the cross yet, until about noon. And Jesus was crucified three hours later, the 3rd hour of DARKNESS, or, the third hour of the night.

      And lastly, we must know that John was the spiritual speaker, and when John speaks of the “preparation of the Passover”, he was discussing Jesus as the Passover lamb, and not that of the actual lamb.

      John 19:14
      And it was the preparation of the passover, and about the sixth hour: and he saith unto the Jews, Behold your King!

      That is discussing Jesus only. He is the Lamb of God being prepared. John is not discussing the preparation of the traditional Passover lamb for a meal. He was discussing Jesus as the lamb being prepared. John 19:14 gets many people confused about the Passover, thinking that it is Nissan 14, rather than the 15th.

    • Zia,

      One more thing to ponder, is that Sabbaths are based on sunrise and sunset, not the time of the day on a wrist watch. The Passover Sabbath was finished at about noon, and the Saturday Sabbath began at Sunset, about 6 hours or so later. So from noon to about 6 PM on Friday, Nissan 15, there was no Sabbath. There was indeed a break between the Passover Sabbath and the Saturday Sabbath of about 6 hours or so. This is why the women could prepare spices on a day that some think was a Sabbath Day, back to back, not considering the 6 hour break between the two.

      You can read my post on my site…click my name here, scroll all the way to the bottom to see my post regarding Easter. I cover it all.

      Ed Chapman

  4. Hey guys,

    A major thing that I noticed, you have a ton of articles from the Huffington Post.

    I have to say, Huff Post has been TRASHING and BASHING Christians for years. It’s a liberal news organization, and they really don’t like Christians at all.

    I don’t get my religious education from the Huffington Post, just so you know. I also do not get my religious education from PBS, or the History Channel either.

    They bring in all these LIBERAL highly educated theologians, and none of them can agree on anything, and none of them know anything.

    In addition, I’m not even a fan of seminaries. They are only taught was the previous graduate was taught, and they really don’t DIG IN on their own.

    But really, the Huffington Post for religious education? They are not my cup of tea, or coffee, or better yet, milk.

    Ed Chapman

  5. OK, so, I know that you refute the trinity stuff. So, I want to address this before I bid my farewell to you. I do respect you and your website here. You guys seem very nice and polite. I was in the US Navy in the 80’s and 90’s. I was fortunate enough to be able to visit places such as Dubai, and Bahrain, and Oman. I never had any issues with Muslims at all. We were treated well. Then 9/11 happened, and attitudes changed, including my own. But here, you guys are very kind, with a mild sense of snark from Zia, of course, but I like that. I have a bit of a sarcastic sense of humor myself, as you can tell from my own site. It’s part of my charming personality.


    I am NOT a trinitarian. I do NOT believe that three people play the role of one God. So, that should settle that right off the bat. I am a DEIST, that is, the belief in only ONE GOD, that only ONE PERSON plays that role.

    But…I do indeed believe that Jesus is God, the ONLY God, and there is no other God but Jesus.

    How do I come to that conclusion?

    John 4:24
    …God is a spirit.

    Now, do we have a LIVING God, or not?

    What is REQUIRED for “LIVING”? A BODY, right?

    If God does NOT have a body, then God is DEAD. We don’t have a dead God, we have a LIVING God.

    1 Thessalonians 5:23 states 3 words that are crucial to the conversation:

    1. Spirit
    2. Soul
    3. Body

    Ding ding ding…THAT is the real TRINITY, and guess what? YOU are a trinity. And you are one person as a trinity.

    Some people, however, think that spirit and soul is the same thing, while others think that soul and body are the same thing. A bit confusing if they do that.

    We are all spirits, dressed in a body, and we have a soul. We are created in the image and likeness of God, TO BE eternal from the moment of creation.

    If God is a spirit, so are we. If God has a soul, so do we. If we have a body, SO DOES GOD.

    Otherwise, we are NOT created in the image and likeness of God.

    The body is just a shell, a domicile, a house, a tent, a temple, a residence that our spirit resides in.

    The bible states that Jesus had the FULLNESS of God in him. Jesus said that the FATHER was IN him. No one else can ever claim that the FATHER was in them. No one. But Jesus did. So, we have the father in 2 places at the same time. Both “IN” Jesus, and “IN” heaven. Hence the sarcastic question that arises from non-Christians (and Jehovah’s Witnesses), “Did Jesus throw his voice when God said this is my beloved son”?

    In simpler terms, Jesus is God based on his spirit, which is God. Jesus is man based on his body, which is born of a woman.

    So that body dies, all because he had FLESH of a man…but his spirit is still God.

    To finish, the word Soul is the Greek word PSUCKE. In Latin, that word is transliterated as PSYCHE.

    The soul is our EARTHLY thinking. Our spirit thinks SPIRITUAL thoughts, and our soul thinks earthly thoughts. Two different intellects. I have to say that again…two different intellects in our one body, and neither of them are in sync.

    The soul of Jesus asked that the CUP BE REMOVED FROM HIM.

    Soul=Holy Spirit, which the bible states is “THE MIND OF CHRIST”.

    ONE person.

    Pentecostals believe that Jesus is the ONLY God, as well, but this is NOT their explanation of it. It’s mine, based on my study.

    I believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and that God is…Jesus, the only God.

    We have a living God, meaning that God has a PHYSICAL BODY. If God does not have a body, then God is dead. God was dead for three days and three nights, however.

    In other words, God took off his eternal body to be born in a body that dies, then he died, then was resurrected in a PHYSICAL body that does not die ever again.

    You see, GOD saved me…He loves me so much that HE sacrificed himself to save me. He wants a relationship with me so bad that he is willing to put his life on the line for me. He is willing to suffer for me.

    Jesus took the bullet for me. That is love.

    Ed Chapman

    • If Jesus was God then when he was a baby on earth the whole universe was left without guidance ? Just wondering

      • Rafiq,

        It’s obvious that you didn’t read all of what I said. The father was in 2 places at the same time, and Jesus even said so. Jesus said that the father was “IN” him, as well as “IN” heaven. No one was left without guidance. God was still on the throne, in heaven, but, he was IN the body of Jesus as well. No one else can claim that the Father was “IN” them, but Jesus. Now, remember, Phillip had said, “Just show us the Father and that will be sufficient”, and Jesus replies?????? Now, when you die, and you get to the pearly gates, and you ask Jesus to show you the Father, he will respond to you just as he did with Phillip. And you will respond: “No, really Jesus, is he out tending the garden, just introduce me to the Father!”, and Jesus will say, “Dude, I am the Father, do I need to spell it out for you?”

      • sorry, your arguments are ‘way above me’. I just understand the simple and straight forward Islamic principles of God. Allah says in the Quran: In the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful. Say, He is Allah the one and only, Allah the Eternal, Absolute, He begetheth not, nor is He begotten And there is none like unto Him.

      • Maybe, however, you do get your ORIGINAL from the Torah, as well, which shows sacrifices. That Torah has prophesies of Jesus THRU AND THRU all over the place. You just gotta be willing to seek it out, and NOT just read the words as a NORMAL book, cuz it’s not. For example, the Promised Land is definitely a SMALL piece of real estate promised to Abraham’s seed…BUT, a spiritual interpretation, the Promised Land is NOT a small piece of real estate at all. It’s HEAVEN. Let me go deeper. Egypt in slavery, that is spiritually all of us living in our sins. Moses is depicted as Jesus, the redeemer, and we STRUGGLE WITH GOD wandering the desert. When we die, that is crossing the Jordan River, and we enter the PROMISED LAND. See, you can read it as a book if you want to, but there is mystery to be revealed…if you are willing to put on spiritual lenses to actually see it. Just some advice. Same with King David, King Solomon, Abraham, and a whole host of others. You KNOW that Moses sacrificed animals. But you deny the significance of it. Without blood, there is no remission of sins. Blood.

      • about wondering in the desert. It took Abraham 40 years to reach towards Palestine. Wisdom has it that ‘he did not want to ask his wife for directions’ …

      • Um, first off, we don’t call it Palestine. You know that. Second, the wandering in the desert was NOT ABOUT ABRAHAM, but Moses and the Children of Israel (Jacob). Huge difference between the two. But speaking of Abraham and his SISTER, God never informed Abraham that it was a sin to sleep with your sister, and gave Abraham and SISTER an INBRED child. But it is a sin to sleep with your sister! Ponder that one!

      • I get it! It took me a while, but I get it! That was a good one! I gotta remember that. Sorry it took me so long. If only Google Maps existed back then!!

      • Here’s one for ya!:

        In Islam, Jesus is known as Isa. Am I right?

        The name of God is Yahweh in the Hebrew Scriptures. I believe you can find that in the Strong’s Concordance as the Hebrew reference 3068.

        It is widely known that the word “Yah” is SHORT for Yahweh, and is used many times in the Hebrew scriptures.

        The word Isaiah is broken down in TWO WORDS, and is defined as God Saves, or God is Salvation.

        Isa Yah. Isa Ya. That is it’s pronunciation. Isa Yah.

        Isa is Jesus. Yah is God. Jesus is God. Since we know that Yahweh is God, Jesus is salvation, Jesus saves.

        Look up the definition of Isaiah. For that matter, look up the definition of Benjamin. Ben, meaning SON, YAMIN, meaning RIGHT HAND. Son of the Right Hand. That is also a reference to Jesus.

        There is SO MUCH TO LEARN just by the names of individuals in the bible regarding Jesus. Breaking down the Hebrew words into multiple singular words.

        Revelation 1:8-18 Jesus reveals himself as the Almighty, the one who was dead, and now alive, the first and last, alpha and omega.

        Now, take that back to the book of Isaiah, where God talks about himself being the FIRST AND LAST, then look at Revelation where Jesus declares himself of being the First and Last.

        There can only be one first and last…so who is?

        Who is Isa, again? Isa Yah? Isaiah? I love this stuff!

        Ed Chapman

      • Oh, I know what you say about Jesus. I’m not new to this rodeo. Just new to your website. I’ve read the majority of the Koran many years ago. This is why I can speak as freely as I can with you, as I only discuss things with other beliefs when I first know the talking points. It all began with the Jehovah’s Witnesses, then the 7th Day Adventists, then the Mormons, then the Iglesia Ni Cristo, then to Calvinism, then Catholicism, and now…Islam. But I also see that there are many flavors of even your Islam. I find it interesting that your belief thinks that mankind lived long before Adam and Eve. I read that earlier today. You find it distasteful that an innocent man would die for anyone. But you fail to realize that many people have put themselves in harms way to save other people, so this isn’t out of any kind of insane logic. Innocent people die all the time. Innocent people are falsely accused of crimes all the time, and are punished for something that they did not do all the time. You discuss things equating it to human reasoning of human justice, instead of SPIRITUAL justice. You are right about INNOCENT children, but Islam is about SCALES. Good and Bad. Mine is simple. Jesus went to be tormented in my behalf, so that I wouldn’t have to be. SIN SEPARATES us from God. God cannot just say, YOU ARE FORGIVEN without us FIRST giving a sacrifice for our sins.

      • Have you ever studied the tribes of South America, you know, the ones who have a complete disdain for civilization? The ones with bones in their noses and spears in their hands? The Amazon people?

        Even they do SACRIFICES. Where in God’s name do you think THAT originated from? From their own imaginations? No…it has an ORIGIN. This sacrifice stuff isn’t an invention of Christianity at all.

        Ed Chapman

      • we do sacrifices too, in memory of Abraham. But we slaughter a sheep not an innocent prophet

      • In memory of Abraham, huh? Kinda meaningless. But again, The WHOLE feast (one week) of Passover is all about Jesus. The 3rd day of the Passover during that time was First Fruits, WHICH signifies the resurrection, and the lamb on the first day…WITHOUT BLEMISH.

        1 Peter 1:19
        But with the precious blood of Christ, as of a lamb without blemish and without spot:

      • OK, so, one last thing for both you, and Zia, then I will give it a rest for a while. I really like you guys, as I have had some fun reading the interactions you both have with people. Respectful, with a slight tinge of sarcasm. Zia, especially.

        OK, so, my topic is…words and definitions.

        For example:

        Before Abraham was, I AM.

        Did you know that Am means “BE”, and “BE” means EXIST, and that the word “WAS” is an imperfect use of the word AM.

        So, to conclude, Jesus was saying that before Abraham EXISTED, Jesus exists. Jesus is showing that he’s always existed, that there was never a time that he didn’t exist.

        But, as my best friend likes to say, “I be’s who I be’s”.

        You ever heard, “I think, therefore, I am.”?

        Next word:


        Logos verses Rhema.

        Jesus is LOGOS.

        Definition of Logos…Spoken word, INCLUDING thought. Including thought is what seems to get missed.

        If I speak the words that originated from my mind, that is LOGOS. But if I speak words that originated from YOUR mind, that is RHEMA.

        Ever heard, “It’s your word against mine.”?

        Did you know that we must give a LOGOS to God? The English word used for LOGOS in that case is the word, “ACCOUNT”. We must give an account (LOGOS) to God for our actions/behavior.

        The words that Jesus speaks, are his own words, not that of another. He is the word of God, the Logos of God, God’s words, his words, Logos, not that of another, which if it were of another, Jesus would be known as the Rhema of God.

        I love word studies, cuz it sure makes it easy to understand how Jesus is God, that he didn’t BECOME a god, that he always was the Almighty God.

        A question that Jesus asks on 2 different occasions:

        First, Matthew 1:1 states that Jesus is the Son of David.

        He asks, WHAT THINK YE OF CHRIST, WHOSE SON IS HE? They answer what Matthew 1:1 states, and they are indeed correct…BUT, Jesus throws them off by asking, WHY THEN, DOES DAVID IN SPIRIT CALL HIM LORD? If David calls him Lord, HOW IS THE CHRIST DAVID’S SON?

        No one was able to answer.

        Which takes me back to Before Abraham was, I EXIST, that is, AM, but I be’s what I be’s. I think, therefore, I be…well, I be’s hungry right now!

        Have fun guys, bashing us Christians. I can take it. I’m thick skinned. I mean, I’m fat. Just kidding. Have a great day!

        Ed Chapman

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