Only one in four Scots believes in the resurrection

Source: The Sunday Times

By Jason Allardyce

Exclusive poll shows Scotland fast becoming a secular country, as most no longer accept the resurrection

Millions of Scots will enjoy Easter eggs today but only one in four of them believe in the Christian festival’s story of Jesus Christ as the Son of God who rose from the dead after being crucified.

Nearly half, 47%, reject the story of the resurrection while 24% say they don’t know and 4% prefer not to say, according a Panelbase poll of 1,037 Scottish adults for The Sunday Times.

Even among those who belong to the Church of Scotland, just 36% believe the story — a central tenet of the Christian faith — is true, while the figure climbs to 59% among Roman Catholics and 62% for other Christians.

“Today’s Scotland is, in truth, predominantly a secular country,” said Scotland’s leading psephologist Sir John …

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  1. Unfortunately people of faith has corrupted the teachings of their faiths, thus religion becomes irrational and drives people away.

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