Ahmadiyya & Humanity First Complete an-other Project in Croatia


By Zubair Khan

International Humanitarian Organization Humanity First Germany donated Caritas of the Zagreb Archdiocese to transport children and adolescents with physical and mental disabilities. National TV Croatia HRT was generous and kind enough to broadcast live the donation event in its morning popular program Dobro Jutro, means Good Morning. In 4 minutes broad cast, from 07.45 to 07.49 minutes, Mr Sead Mulabegovic mentioned about Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat and its affiliated organisation Humanity First. How Humanity First was found and few details covering its international character and activities in Croatia.

The Opel VIVARO brand passenger vehicle, worth ten thousand euro, was delivered on February 1st to the Home for the Care of Children and Adolescents with Physical and Mental Disabilities »Bl. Alojzije Stepinac “ in Brezovica 20 km from Zagreb Croatia.

Opel Vivaro donated to Caritas Zagreb by Humanity First Germany

In the presence of the representative of the organization Humanity First Germany, Mr. Zubair Khan, and the imam and missionary of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission of Croatia, Rana Munawwar , keys were handed over by Sead Mulabegović , volunteer of Humanity First . The donation was taken over by Jelena Lončar , Caritas Director of the Zagreb Archdiocese in the presence of Caritas Zvonko Ercega and Zoran Kljajić , House Manager.
hfp 1
 Mr Sead Mulabegovic handing over the key of van to Director Caritas Zagreb Croatia

S. Jelena Lončar , director of the Zagreb Caritas said,”This donation came to us at right time because the fourth van, which is necessary for regular transport of passengers, is no longer usable. Namely, for regular transport, about 60 children attending various educational centres or schools in Zagreb, we need at least four vehicles a day, as these facilities work in shifts, and are located in various parts of the city (in Dupaco, Autism Center, Dubrava Education Center, Grigor Vitez Elementary School, Suvag Polyclinic, Primary School, Goljak Education Centre). In addition, these same vehicles are also used to transport children as ambulances and / or hospitals, to various excursions, visits etc. The vehicles from Brezovica start at about 7:00 in the morning and return around 19:00 in the evening and each of them daily travels about 200 to 300 km. She then thanked donors for the donated vehicle, expressing hope for continued cooperation between these two humanitarian organisations.

One of handicapped child mentioning pleasure and satisfaction for the donation of van.



The donors, including Mrs. Mulabegović’s wife, Mrs. Nasiha, an Ahmadiyya and volunteer Balde Saiko Yahya, Caritas Director and Kljajic’s manager, guided the guests through the housing units and other complex premises in Brezovica Road 98. During the tour, the guests observed more closely the noble work of the house. Currently the care home has 75 regular residents aged between  3 to 21 on long-term accommodation and 20 users (adults with disabilities) on daily stay. The devotion with which the staff takes care of these special needs children was worth praising.  Every one in this home doing this service to humanity was marvellous human being.

hfp 2

Humanity First Team, Caritas Team and few children with special needs from care home

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  1. While touring the care home one gets shattered to watch human beings with sufferings. However the hope remains alive to see devotees taking care of these children with special needs.

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