At Least 103 Dead in Ambulance Suicide Attack in Kabul

Source: Time


Updated: January 27, 2018 11:38 AM ET

KABUL, Afghanistan — Afghan authorities have raised the dead toll from Saturday’s suicide bombing in Kabul to 103.

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The attacker drove an ambulance filled with explosives and was able to race through a security checkpoint by saying he was transferring a patient to a hospital. The explosion damaged or destroyed dozens of shops and vehicles.

Interior Minister Wais Ahmad Barmak provided the updated death toll on Sunday, saying another 235 people were wounded in the attack. He said police were among those killed and wounded.

Ahmad Fahim, a shopkeeper who survived Saturday’s attack, said several fellow merchants were wounded or killed. He said he had seen many victims who lost arms or legs in the blast.

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5 replies

  1. Very sad and pity, innalillahi wainnailahi rajiuun
    The suicide attacks will not end for ever until Muslim have a new Islamic teaching.
    Muslim really need to REMOVE all kind of violent verses and Hadith.
    Most extremist clerics reject to reform the ancient Islamic teaching, as if they are supporting the violence by terrorist.
    They pretend to condemn the terrorist attacks.

    All love❤️

  2. Forward and retreat Islam is much depend on the teaching of Imam, Clerics and Scholar.

    If his teaching is wrong will bring disaster on Muslim, and non Muslim as well, but on contrary, if the teaching are the true Islam will bring peace, happiness and prosperity on Muslim and mankind.

    What we see to day, is conflict and slaughtering each other without end that has caused immense suffering of innocent people from Myanmar, Philippine to Middle East. Very sad, pity and embarrassing.

    Most Clerics never confess that Islamic teaching has been corrupted, contaminated or misconception of Islam.

    Suicide attack will continue to kill innocent children and women etc

    All love❤️

      • Rafiq, you know that 99.999 percent Muslim clerics reject Ahmadiyyah who declared MGA was Prophet.
        It is very hard to convience MGA was a Prophet after Muhammad pbuh.
        The result of following MGA is conflict and persecution.
        May Allah guide us all to the right path Amiin
        All ❤️

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