Day: January 25, 2018

Montreal couple cleared of terror charges now helping in fight against radicalization

One was convicted of having explosives, and they could still be convicted of jihad terror charges on appeal. This is the utter insanity that is Justin Trudeau’s Canada. Acquitted of terror-related charges, Djermane and Jamali now helping provincial anti-radicalization centre Elias Abboud · CBC News · Posted: January 23rd 2018, 5:29:38 PM | Last Updated: […]

Michigan man accused of threatening to attack CNN identified with Hitler, former classmate says

Source: The Washington Post By Trevor Bach, Mark Berman and Kyle Swenson January 23 The CNN Center in Atlanta (Christian Petersen/Getty Images) NOVI, Mich. — The man who federal authorities say threatened to kill CNN employees had declared in high school that he identified with Adolf Hitler and suggested “the Holocaust was exaggerated,” according to a former […]

At Davos forum, UN agency launches report spotlighting benefits of investing in better migration data

Investing in value-based migration data that squarely focuses on impact can benefit the world to the tune of $35 billion dollars, according to a new report launched Wednesday in Davos, Switzerland, by the United Nations migration agency. A study by the International Organization for Migration’s (IOM) Global Migration Data Analysis […]

FATAL OBSESSION: For Islam and against America: What fuelled Pakistan’s nuclear black market?

  Boys and their toys. (Reuters/Stringer) Share Written by Hassan Abbas January 22, 2018 Quartz india Evidence indicates that it is difficult to make generalisations about the whole nuclear proliferation episode involving Pakistan, as different sets of motivations, circumstances, and players were involved in the three cases under discussion. Even […]