First Ever Ahmadiyya Muslim couple from Balkan Region participates in Qadian Jalsa Salana-2017

By Zubair Khan

Mr Sead Mulabegovic and Mrs Nasiha Mulabegovic can rightly claim to be the first ever  local Ahmadi Muslim couple from European Balkan Region getting a chance to participate in Jalsa Salana Qadian. It was long flight from Zagreb to Delhi India. After aeroplane came another 8 to 9 hours train trip from Delhi to Amritsar coupled with additional 2 hours bus ride from Amritsar to Qadian.

Credit goes to physical fitness of the couple the next morning was ready to visit Ludhiana and Hushiarpur requiring almost whole day ride with car. Ludhiana is famous having housed the founder of Ahmadija community for the fist initiation on 23.03.1889. While Hushiarpur was blessed where promised Messiah A.S. isolated himself exclusively for above 40 days special prayers.

Special Blessed room in Ludhiana where Promised Messiah A.S. took first biait on 23rd of March 1889

3 days of Jalsa Salana were full of spiritual atmosphere. Day always started with Tahujjad (early morning) prayers followed by Salatul Fa jar. New Ahmadi couple was pleasantly astonished with peaceful and beautifully decorated Bahishti Maqbara (Grave Yard for Blessed Ones). Body of  Promised Messiah A.S. along with some of His companions buried in it.

Mr Sead Mulabegovic along with Mr Zubair Khan, one of the editors of The Muslim Times.

All were impressed the with the maintenance standard of Darul Masih (House of Promised Messiah A.S.) Croatian delegation got the opportunity to offer prayers in Bait ud Dua. A special tiny room where Promised Messiah A.S. used to offer his special prayers.
According to the feelings of Newly converted Croatian Ahmadies it was a unique and unforgettable spiritually motivating visit which they will cherish in their whole life. On way back the Croatians got the opportunity to pay visit to Golden Temple, Lotus Temple and to Taj Mahal of Agra.

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  1. This is a happy news for Ahmadiyyah, it is cool.
    How many Christian convert to Ahmadiyyah every year?
    How many Ahmadiyyah convert to Christian every year?
    There is any notice for that?

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