Peter Maurer: Hacking and cyber warfare are top humanitarian concerns

The mounting threat of autonomous weapons systems and cyberattacks on critical infrastructure are the issues keeping ICRC President Peter Maurer up at night.

He addressed both subjects at the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos.

Speaking to, Maurer said he is worried about the apparent lack of control of cyberspace which has potential to claim many lives and throw communities into chaos. He calls for international consensus on the control of autonomous weapons systems.

Leaving aside missile firing drones or robot warriors on the battlefield, Maurer is also concerned by the number of hacks, or attempted hacks, on infrastructure around the world – specifically the consequences of a successful attack on water supply or nuclear power stations.

In Davos this week, the World Economic Forum launched its Global Centre for Cybersecurityexternal link, a platform for governments, businesses, experts and law enforcement agencies around the world to collaborate on cybersecurity challenges.


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