Igniting another Palestinian Intifada


US Vice President Mike Pence’s speech at the Israeli Knesset last Monday dashed all hopes that President Donald Trump’s administration can be remotely even-handed on the Palestinian conflict.

The words of Pence were nothing but an extravaganza of praise for Israel, its history and religious link to Palestine including Jerusalem, of course. “We stand with Israel,” Pence told the Israeli parliamentarians, “because your cause is our cause, your values are our values and your fight is our fight”. These words say it all as to where the US stands now on the Palestinian problem. And as if wanting to erase any doubt as to where Washington stands, Pence said: “America stands with Israel.”

The Palestinian rights in Palestine were not even remotely touched or mentioned except way at the end of Pence’s address when he seemed to endorse the two-state solution in principle only if the two sides, meaning Israel and the Palestinians, can ever agree on it! In other words, the US’ reluctant acceptance of the two-state solution is just a long shot in the dark, pure and simple.

The praise for Israel was in every line of Pence’s address and continued throughout its duration. Pence, of course, also paid tribute to Israel’s “vibrant democracy”, and referred to Palestine as Israel’s “promised land”. In other words, Israel is now viewed as absolutely right on every aspect or dimension of the Palestinian case and the Palestinians have nothing correct to show for their national aspiration and rights in their homeland, Palestine.

Against this backdrop, the Palestinians might as well kiss a balanced stance by the US goodbye for at least the full term of President Trump in office. This projected long wait may not be peaceful though. The eruption of another Palestinian Intifada cannot be ruled out under the current circumstances, in which all stakeholders can end up becoming losers

source:   http://jordantimes.com/opinion/editorial/igniting-another-palestinian-intifada

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  1. America tell to King of Saudi Arabia:
    You are with us or you are with Iran.

    I strongly believe that Saudi will take a the right side with Anerica and Israel for the sake of his Kingdom.

    Now King Salman just wait the right time to recognize the state of Israel.

    My view, it is time to for Islamic countries to recognize the state of Israel now, after defeating the extremist Muslim.

    God bless America and Israel so far.
    Hopefully Saudi join Amarica and Israel like Jirdan and Egyp. Stop follow the extremist ideology isis and Taliban

    May Allah blesd Saudi Amin
    All our love❤️

    • I think you should go and visit Israel and the occupied territories. I believe NO ONE should recognize Israel AS A JEWISH (APARTHEID) STATE. The situation would be different only if Israel would accept and provide EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL ITS CITIZENS AND THE PALESTINIANS OF THE OCCUPIED TERRITORIES. If that was the case all Arab and Islamic States would gladly recognize a truly democratic Israel. Unfortunately at the moment it does not look like the Israeli Government has any such intention (of treating every one equally). Israeli politicians state that they want to take away even Israeli Arab rights not to speak of giving any equal rights to Palestinians in the occupied territories. (Yes, I have been there).

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