Know Khadim Rizvi @KhadimRizviReal to Whom Pakistan Government Surrendered

Pakistan minaret

Minaret of Pakistan: Symbol of Pakistan freedom will crumble unless a sizable Pakistan population can see the benefit of Secularism over the Shariah Law

Written and collected by Zia H Shah MD, Chief Editor of the Muslim Times

I suggest that a few of these videos in Urdu below should give you insight into who we are dealing with.  Khadim Rizvi used to be the Imam at the Data Gang Bakhsh Shrine in Lahore, Pakistan, who became an admirer of the murderer of Governor Salman Taseer, Mumtaz Qadri and the rest is history.

To know him first we have to know about the Barelvi Muslims and one way to understand them is that they are the equivalent of Christian Evangelist in USA, a very large voting Muslim block in Pakistan and India.

Barelvi (Urduبَریلوِی‎, BarēlwīUrdu pronunciation: [bəreːlʋi]) is a term used for the movement following the Sunni Hanafi school of jurisprudence, originating in Bareilly with over 200 million followers in South Asia.[1] The name derives from the north Indian town of Bareilly, the hometown of its founder and main leader Ahmed Raza Khan (1856–1921).[2][3][4][5][6] Although Barelvi is the commonly used term in the media and academia, the followers of the movement often prefer to be known by the title of Ahle Sunnat wa Jama’at, (Urduاہل سنت وجماعت‎) or as Sunnis, a reference to their perception as forming an international majority movement.[7]

The movement emphasizes personal devotion to the Islamic prophet Muhammad and a synthesis of Sharia with Sufi practices such as veneration of saints.[8][9] Because of this, they are often called Sufi, although they have little in common with the Sufism of classical Islamic mystics.[10] The movement later identified as Barelvis to differentiate itself from the Deobandi movement, which was influenced by the Wahhabi movement in Arabia.[10][11]

India Today estimates that the vast majority of Muslims in India adhere to the Barelvi movement,[23] and The Heritage FoundationTime and The Washington Post give similar assessments for the vast majority of Muslims in Pakistan.[24][25][26][27] Political scientist Rohan Bedi estimates that 60% of Pakistani Muslims are Barelvis.[28]

The majority of Pakistani and Kashmir origin people in the United Kingdom are descended from Barelvi-majority areas.[7] The Barelvi movement in Pakistan has received funding from Barelvis in the UK, in part as a reaction to rival movements in Pakistan also receiving funding from abroad.[29] According to an editorial in the English-language Pakistani newspaper The Daily Times, many of these mosques have been however usurped by Saudi-funded radical organizations.[30]

Could Khadim Rizvi be the populist upcoming leader for the Barelvi Muslims in Pakistan, who could keep rising in fame and notoriety and power, like President Donald Trump and Judge Roy Moore despite their countless character flaws?

Why do people stick with extreme character flaws in their leaders in politics and religion? The short answer is: Kripkean Dogmatism: The Best Metaphor to Understand Religious and Political Debates.

Listen to the videos in Urdu, to come to know his abusive language, his character flaws, his lying, his support for terrorism and murder, the rhetoric and the emotional appeal to the Barelvi Muslims by citing the atrocities and suffering in Iraq after the American invasion.

How he is undermining other Barelvi leaders like Tahir Qadri, reminds me of how President Trump took down his contender Jeb Bush, during the Presidential race:

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2 replies

  1. To me there seems no need to give importance to such nasty man who appears to be an apology to religious clergy. Such people are like seasonal mushrooms and die their own death in a short span of time. He is an easy come and easy go. He survived the Dharna due to support of the Pak Army. However very soon he will be disappearing from the scene.

    They are addicted to religion of Islam badly, their mind are not normal anymore, they are deceitful people, disgrace,hatred face, life in misery. God say: You are foolish!
    You fool, Do you want to be shown that faith without works is dead or useless.
    James 2:20,
    They spend most their time to seek God by praying many times at mosque. They wear the sunnah cloth, but they are dangerous people. Wolf with Sheep’s cloth.
    They neglect or ignore to worldly activity, or to strengthen their economy and create jobs for community In order people can live in wealth or prosperity. They live in poverty, unproductive hands, their life much depand on the generousity of other people.
    Read more
    With ❤️

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