Who’s the Egyptian ISIS militant who issued fatwa to kill Sinai worshipers?

Source. English Alarabiyya

On December 7, 2016, Al-Naba’a, an Arabic-language journal belonging ISIS terrorist organization, published an interview with a leader calling him Amir al-Hesba in Sinai.

Rumeya, another magazine also issued by the organization, published an interview with ISIS militant who threatened to target Sufi Zawiyas (corners) and mosques in Egypt.

The leader of ISIS, who was also known as Abi Musab al-Masri, identified 3 Mosques of Sufism and threatened to target them.

This is in reference to Al-Rawdah Mosque in Sinai, which witnessed the massacre last Friday, killing 305 worshipers, the Arab Zawiya in Ismailia and the Saoud Zawiya in Sharqeya and Ahmadiyya Zawiya in Sinai.

ISIS organization in Sinai shared many photos of this leader. Sources told Al Arabiya that the photos confirm he is Mohammed Magdi al-Dula’ei, a young Egyptian man the Muslim Brotherhood group claim disappeared since 2015.

Information about this young man may be the beginning of the thread to reach the perpetrators of the massacre.


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    Hopefully King Muhammad Salman successed to reform the ancient and violent Islamic law to the Peaceful Modern Islamic laws which is tolerance, justice for all, without discrimination.

    There is no peace between Israel and Palestine as long as extremist Hamas and extremist Hisbullah want to expel Jews to the sea. Allah will protect the Tiny State of Israel from Arab extremist.
    The sign or characteristic feature of extremist Islam as following:
    1. The main goal is to create or establish Syariah state where Quran and Hadith as the state of constitution. The Extremist Clerics is aganist the system democratic Seculare and against Human Right.

    2. The extremist Clerics forbid Sufi, Ahmadiyya’s existance. They accuse sufi, Ahmadiyyah Heresy / blasphemer / non Islam.

    3. The extremist Muslim hate and hostile toward Christian, Jews and other beliefs

    4. The extremist Clerics impose women to wear hijab or burqa, impose male to grow beard etc
    5, The extremist Clerics impose close all restaurant and shops in Friday. Impose muslim to pray shalat jumaat.
    6, The extremist Clerics impose people NOT join celebrating other religion such as: Thank giving day, Christmas, and others event that prophet did not do it.

    7. The extremist Clerics want to create all activities everyday life using the Islamic label such as:
    — Syariah school— Syariah Bank—Shariah dress—syariah grocery store— Halal Food—halal drink—halal cosmetic— Halal restaurant—-Halah Hambarger— Halal Macdonald etc.

    The main goal of using the Islamic label is to eliminate or discriminate against the non Muslim product, in other words to boycott Jews and Christians product and employee. This Syariah law is absolutely wrong,deceitful and mislead young Muslim.

    Because the extremist Clerics hate Jews, and Christian since early times of prophet Muhammad pbuh.

    Sahih Muslim 4366—“ I will expel the Jews and Christian from the Arabian Peninsula and will not leave any but Muslim”

    So the extremist Muslim are showing the hate / bad image of Islam to others.

    The educated Muslim such as Progressive Muslim, Sufi, Ahmadiyya who live in advance countries hopefully together with non Islam ( Jews Christian) can stand up together to defeat the extremist ideology endlessly and speak up loudly.

    Otherwise they will come after us and defeat the peacefull Muslim and non Muslim as well on the ground like in : All Islamic countries.
    May Allah protect us from the evil extremist Muslim.
    With ❤️

    • Mohammad bin Salman: actions speak louder than words: what actions? War in Yemen, Killing and murdering and starving. Action against Qatar, just trying to steal its wealth. When that fails: unlawfully imprisioning, without trial, princes and rich guys, against just to blackmail them to hand over money. I cannot see anything ‘moderate Islam’ in any of the actions. Dream on, if you think anything good will come from that guy.

      • @ Rafiq— yes we do not know exacly what is in his mind, but what we know he said he will open Saudi to all religions— mix women and men, no more segragation— all corruptors will be caught who ever they are.

        We are waiting his action more now, pray for good news.

        I agree with you, killing Yemen people is wrong policy, we should condenm the kind polocy— yes no one perfect Rafiq, even our Prophet ever made mistake . He lost the battle of Uhud. Right?

        My dream is the freedom of religion where Ahmadiyyah, sufi, progressive Islam and LGBt can carry on their belief in Saudi Arabia etc. Woow it will be great.
        Do you agree with me Rafiq?

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