Pakistan: Relatives kill newlyweds for free-will marriage

Source: Fox News

KARACHI, Pakistan (AP) — Pakistani police say they have arrested ten people for killing a newly-wed couple who entered into a free-will marriage in the southern port city of Karachi.

Officer Qasim Hameed said Monday that Abdul Hadi, 24, and Hasina Bibi, 19, were killed by relatives last week for marrying without permission from their elders earlier this month.

Qasim said Hadi’s father and nine other relatives were arrested after the couple’s bodies were found in a local graveyard on Sunday. He said Bibi’s father has absconded.

He added that the men confessed to murdering the couple with knives upon the orders of a “Jirga,” or tribal council, for dishonoring their Pashtun culture.

Nearly 1,000 Pakistani women are killed by close relatives each year in so-called honor killings.



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  1. How can there be HONOUR in killing? Or how do you achieve or restore your honour y killing? It’s beyond me, and it’s not in Wiran either do they must have come up with a brand new religion that most psychopaths can use as a scapegoat to satisfy the urge and release.

  2. This is completely against the true teachings of Islam, killing a newly wed couple, this is ridiculous!

  3. How dangerous a false hadith is? They worship idol indtead of Al Quran alone.
    Thousand innocent people died by those who worship idol ( Hadith).
    Thousand Muslim who follow these violent hadith snd violent verses below will become Muslim extremist and thdn terrorist.
    Chect it out here! Hopefully Muslim arond the world will be aware with false hadith and violent verses from al Quran.
    With ❤️

    • Somi: did you notice that the Muslims of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at do not have this problem with ‘false hadiths’? with the simple guideline that ‘let us disregard any hadith that appears to be in contradiction to the Qur’an’. Simple. And in addition the followers of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at are fortunate to have their Khalifa for up to date interpretations and explanations. Allhamdolillah. no problems.

      • @ Yes Rafiq— you are blessed and ahmadiyyah is good for you than joining the extremist group.

        Million Muslim follow the false hadith and became the extremist Muslim and terrorist as we see in our time, how dangerous if there are many false hadith in the book of Hadith Muslim Bukhari.

        You say that Ahmadiyyah do not implement the false hadith, it is cool, but as long as there are many false hadith still exist, Ahmadiyyah cannot be saved from the extremist persecution. The extremist Muslim still seek Ahmadiyyah to be persecuted inPakistan and Indonesia.
        Very sad and pity.
        Ahmadiyyah need to declare all violent hadith( false Hadith) are INVALID to be implemented in 21th century
        Hopefully Ahmadiyya agree with me.


    • @ Bro— Allah will change the condition if people do not want to change it.

      Verily never will Allah change the condition of a people until they change it themselves . Q,13:11.

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