How better education has built a more secular Britain

Source: Independent

By James Williams

It’s official: the people of Great Britain have lost faith. New research from the British Social Attitudes survey reveals that 71 per cent of young people are not religious. Overall, 53 per cent of the population in England and Wales are non-religious. It is the first time that following a religion has been a minority position. Only 18 per cent of people are actively practising.

So why is this happening? Are the young just feckless and uninterested, or has society somehow “failed” to persuade them that religion should be part of their lives? Around 20 per cent of British schools are, after all, “faith schools”. Surely a religious school, chosen by parents, should produce young people who are religious?

But perhaps not. It may well be that our improving education system is having an effect on the belief systems at work in such schools.

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