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NEW RESEARCH POINTS TO HISTORIC HIGHS IN ISLAMOPHOBIA The condition of minorities in the United States is getting worse. As per data extracted by Pew Research, many more Muslims were subjected to attack in 2016 compared to 2001. In 2001 there were 93 assaults against Muslims. In 2015, the number of reported attacks against them was 91. In 2016 the number went up dramatically to 217. The data source is the hate crime statistics collected by the FBI. The Bureau collects data concerning hate crimes from approximately 15,000 police or law enforcement agencies. Violence Against American Muslims Highest In Over 15 Years TWEET THIS It is apparent that Muslims suffered a significant rise in assaults in the US in the period starting 2015 and ending 2016. Assaults are not the sole type of hate crime done against Muslims and other minority religious groups. Intimidation is extremely common, with the victim afraid of being inflicted body harm. The year 2016 saw intimidation against Muslims on the rise. About 144 victims have reported the harassment. In 2015, the number of reports on the same charge was 120. The numbers, however, are still few compared to 2001. That year saw 296 victims being subjected to intimidation.

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  1. Hopefully Islamic clerics donot be easy to blame others, seek and look at our home ( Islamic teaching) there are some false teaching against the true Islamic teaching.

    A Wise man say: if some one hate you, do not blame them, blame our self.

    Let us look at our home and cleant it, our home are so messy with extremist ideology, millions extremist Muslim around us today. Look at around you, you will find some one.
    Our home in danger now, if we still blame others, Islamophobis will clean our home we do not like it, right?
    Let us start to clean our home from extremist ideology today before too late.

    With ❤️

  2. Somi, you don’t make any sense. Living in North America, and as an Ahmadiyya Muslim Community member, I am a contributing part of society and yet I have also been a victim of hate crimes. Are you telling me that I’m at fault for being in the wrong place at the wrong time? If your child gets bullied, wait let me rephrase that, if a white kid gets bullied at school will you also tell him that he need to fix himself so he doesn’t get bullied? Will you tell a rape victim that it’s her fault that she was raped? How insensitive and cruel of you, you have no humanity, justice, compassion, reason , common sense or even logic to know right from wrong. Hate crimes are a result of hate and must be punished and they can not be blamed on the victim.

    • Riffat, Somi ALWAYS if you’ve noticed, first blames Muslims for ANYTHING that happens to them.

      One wonders, what he/she is talking about half the time for other than hitting on Muslims everytime, s/he does little else.

      Hence, I try to ignore most of the comments by him/her…. Because, even if you try enlightening him/her, the end result will the same old recycled comments reappearing. It’s like trying to enlighten a person who is deaf, dumb and blind…!

    • @ Rufat this was my advice to my Wifez

      If our kids get hurt from the kids of neighbor, please do not blame quickly others kids, blame our kids. Why did others kids hurt our kids? Must be something wrong with our kids.
      The way I see the problem and the way to solve problem with the kids of neighbor.

      We can apply to Islamophobia, why do Islamophbia hate Muslim? Find and look at our selves. What I see there are some Muslim intend to create Syariah states. Islamophobia do not like it. Do not do what people does not like it!
      It is very simple! Right?

      With ❤️

  3. I feel it’s sad to read the ratio is getting worst in Hate crime. Government needs to take action and protect the rights of their peoples with any discrimination of religion and color

  4. In every religion there are good people as well as bad , although bad people are less
    We can’t blame any religion as doing wrong is a personal act. No religion teaches violence, especially Islam is a religion of peace , no matter what opponents says or extremists do but it’s a reality.
    Governments and Nations need to realize ande take proper steps to protect their people.

  5. Somi, what is your religion? It seems as if you are from the religion of hate. We beautiful Ahmadi and non Ahmadi Muslims are from the religion of peace. It is truly sad to read this article because a lot of the gun violence that is happening in America is done by WHITE MEN to be exact, NOT MUSLIMS. The government needs to take action on what is happening in the world based on who does it, not based on the colour or if they are a Muslim. In the media we always see Brown people being related to terrorism if they did an attack and white people being related to “he/she had a mental health issue and that is why this attack happened.” I hope this will change in the future, inshAllah

  6. ISIS is basically relying on just this. They want us to hate each other and keep playing the blame game while they keep killing people and no one pays attention till its too late. Why are governments not taking action against them? We should all be United against ISIS not fighting each other.

  7. Islam is a religion of peace and they do not support violence. Just because a few individuals preform horrible acts does not mean that you can blame the whole religion. The government seriously needs to take action!

    • I do not agree with you. I found that Islamic teaching has been contaminated with the teaching of idols from the book of Hadith Muslim Bukhari witch is claimed as Hadih sahih( true). Actually these Hadith are false.
      For example:

      Sahih Muslim 33—”I have been commanded to fight against people till they testify that there is no god but Allah”
      Sahih Muslim 4366—“ I will expel the Jews and Christian from the Arabian Peninsula and will not leave any but Muslim”

      Prophet Muhammad command Muslim to punish and kill : Apostasy, Blasphemer, Homosexual, musrykun and infidel

      Thousand Muslim who follow these false hadith become the extremist Muslim and then terrorist.

      SOLUTION: to solve Exttemist Muslim around our community is all Islamic clerics who live in Westen countried have to declare those Hadith are FALSE HADITH. Clerics or Imams of mosque should remind his followers to these false hadith. Hopefully we can solve our problem instead of blame Islamophobia.

      With ❤️
      Rafiq, please do not delete this. Thanks

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