Islamophobia killed my brother. Let’s end the hate | Suzanne Barakat

By Suzanne Barakat · Physician: With a voice amplified by unthinkable personal tragedy, Suzanne Barakat speaks out against bigotry and violence against those society deems “different.”

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On February 10, 2015, Suzanne Barakat’s brother Deah, her sister-in-law Yusor and Yusor’s sister Razan were murdered by their neighbor in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The perpetrator’s story, that he killed them over a traffic dispute, went unquestioned by the media and police until Barakat spoke out at a press conference, calling the murders what they really were: hate crimes. As she reflects on how she and her family reclaimed control of their narrative, Barakat calls on us to speak up when we witness hateful bigotry and express our allyship with those who face discrimination.

Transcript in English


3 replies

    Hate originally come from Evil
    Hate is the seed of violence, unhappiness and poverty.
    Love is the seed of peace, harmony and hsppiness.

    Let’s investigate why Islamophobia hate Muslims? Prabably Muslim create Islamophobia in non Islamic countries. Let’s cheack it out!
    1. Islamophobia do not like Muslim women to wear hijab as the symbol of Islam at public.
    2. Islsmophobia do not like Muslim pray on the road to show off Islam at public.
    3. Islamophobia do not like Halal food label as if Muslim are insulting their food
    4. Islamophobia do not like Saudi Arabia to impose to wear hijab on non Muslim women travel in Saudi Arabia and Iran. Islamic countries discriminate against Christian women.
    5. Islamophobia do not like that Islamic goal is to create Syariah state every country.

    I strongly believe that if Muslim love all Christians, let Muslim do not do the 5 points above, Islamophobia will be disappeared. Muslim can do it!
    What do you think?

    With love❤️

    • I disagree with all of your points..
      1. Do you really think that Islamophobs will respect our ladies more if they undress?
      2. Do you really think it is great if we hide like mice?
      3. Halal label does not harm anyone. We do not force any one to eat our food.
      4. I suppose Islamophobs will not travel to Saudi Arabia and Iran, so what is the problem?
      5. Shariah state? With a Muslim population of 5%? Dream on …

      My experience is that most people respect the Muslims that respect themselves.

  2. Heartfelt condolences to the family. Islamophobia is due to fear of unknown, fear of a bogeyman. It needs to be combated through education, dialogue and rational discourse.

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