Japan: Bait-ul-Ahad, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mosque invites all to commemorate its 2nd Anniversary

By Anees Ahmad Nadeem, Ahmadiyya Muslim Association Japan

Bait-ul-Ahad – The Japan Mosque opens its doors to public to commemorate its 2nd Anniversary


Japan: Bait-ul-Ahad, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mosque invites all to commemorate its 2nd Anniversary

“Trips to the Mosque easing Japanese people`s fears of Islam”, Imam Anees Ahmad Nadeem

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Japan is inviting fellow Japanese to come and visit one of the largest Mosques in Japan situated at 526-1 Miyashige, Hirumacho, Tsushima City, Aichi on Sunday the 19th of November 2017.


This ‘open to all’ public event which will run from 10am to 3pm. Guests will get a chance to visit the premises and see the mosque.

Imam Anees Ahmad Nadeem said the initiative is designed to ease Japanese people`s fear of Islam.

He further said:
In current times Islam is being tarnished by people claiming to be Muslim and committing acts that totally go against the real teachings of Islam. We want to use this mosque open day as an opportunity to break down barriers and to promote harmony in our socity. It is also a great way to get answers to any questions you might have about Islam and Muslims.”

Anees Ahmad Nadeem, Ahmadiyya Muslim Association Japan
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    Most Islamic Clerics or Imams intention / goal of this world is to build Mosque only including Ahmadiyyah Imams or Clerics every where on earth.

    There is intention / aim at all to create Jobs for his followers by building many facturies that can produces products that benefits for mankind. I do not know why?

    Islamic imams or clerics should learn from Mormon, the sect of Christianity who believed that Mashiah already come, Its leader was a Mashiaah. Like Ahmadiyyah believe that the Founder of Ahmadiyyah was Mashiaah.

    Mormon beside build many Churches in the world, also build many fakturies, Hotels etc. Mormon strive 2 ways; 1. Spiritual thing, Second prosperity and happiness.

    Can Ahmadiyyah follow Mormon ? It will be great if Ahmadiyyah can do it.

    All love❤️

    Try to investigate Mormons belief and other belief.

  2. Mormon’s belief is the sama as I believe in case of Heaven.
    In order to get the hereafter of Heaven people must strive to get a good and prosperous life in this world— most Muslims Scholars and some christian’s scholars focus or conccntrate on SPIRITUAL things and ignore to get a good life in this world—that is why we cannot see the Products or things MADE IN SAUDI ARABIA in Malls—can you?

    Most Islamic scholars are so proud if he can build a mosque-
    They want to spread Islam through Mosque— that is why we see many mosques every where. No wonder most Muslim Muslim live poorly-/ no jobs are available for Muslims. Most Muslim work or earn money from non Islam companies. Very sad

    • Somi is ignoring the fact that the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at is putting a lot of emphasis on education. Education in all fields, including science. That is all for the benefit of success in this world. And, yes, we build as many mosques as we can, because Islam teaches us to be successful in both this life and the next. As to the ‘Muslim World’, such as Saudi Arabia. Yes, I agree with you. We do not see enough labels ‘made in this and that Muslim country’. Indonesia, yes, Turkey, yes, but the oil Arab countries seem to think that the oil will last them for ever.

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