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DNA surgery on embryos removes disease

Source: BBC News By James Gallagher; Health and science reporter, BBC News website Image copyrightGETTY IMAGES Precise “chemical surgery” has been performed on human embryos to remove disease in a world […]

Human Enhancements

Source: Pew Research Center BY David Masci Human enhancement is at least as old as human civilization. People have been trying to enhance their physical and mental capabilities for thousands […]

U.S. public opinion on the future use of gene editing

Source: Pew Research Center BY CARY FUNK, BRIAN KENNEDY AND ELIZABETH PODREBARAC SCIUPAC The potential genetic modification of humans and its ramifications have long been debated, but a recent scientific breakthrough in gene editing […]

GM pigs take step to being organ donors

Source: BBC News By James Gallagher Health and science reporter, BBC News website Image copyrightEGENESIS The most genetically modified animals in existence have been created to help end a shortage […]

Human embryos edited to stop disease

Source: BBC News By James Gallagher Health and science reporter, BBC News website Image copyrightOHSUImage captionPictures of the genetically modified embryos Scientists have, for the first time, successfully freed embryos […]

How Drinking Tea May Change Your Genes

Source: Huffington Post Amanda MacMillan Jun 02, 2017 TIME Health For more, visit TIME Health. Tea has been linked to numerous health benefits, from a reduced risk of heart attacks […]

Why some people never feel pain

Source: BBC By David Cox 27 April 2017 At the Institute of Human Genetics in Aachen, Germany, Dr Ingo Kurth is preparing for a rather unusual appointment. She’s collecting blood […]

Scientists Can Reverse DNA Aging in Mice

Source: Time BY Alice Park Mar 23, 2017 TIME Health For more, visit TIME Health. Researchers have found a way to protect a mouse’s DNA from the damage that comes with […]

Gene Editing: Promise & Peril

Source: Common Weal Magazine By Gilbert Meilaender March 13, 2017 Several of my children, in the summer before they began kindergarten, participated in a program called “safety city.” Among the […]

Scientists confirm genetics of schizophrenia

Source: CNN By Susan Scutti, CNN (CNN)Creating an effective treatment for schizophrenia requires a better understanding of its biology, of the genes that cause it. Using technology to illuminate chromosomes, scientists confirmed the underlying genetics of this mental disorder. The identified genetic disruptions occur at a crucial time in brain […]

First ‘three person baby’ born using new method

Source: BBC By Michelle Roberts Health editor, BBC News online The world’s first baby has been born using a new “three person” fertility technique, New Scientist reveals. The five-month-old boy […]

Making babies without eggs may be possible, say scientists

Source: BBC By James Gallagher Health and science reporter, BBC News website Scientists say early experiments suggest it may one day be possible to make babies without using eggs. They have succeeded in creating healthy baby mice by tricking sperm into believing they were fertilising normal eggs. The findings in […]

Passing My Disability On to My Children

Source: The New York Times By Sheila Black When I was pregnant with my first child, my ob-gyn referred me to a genetic counselor “just in case.” I have a condition […]

Blame Your Genes For Your Coffee Addiction

Source: Time By Alexandra Sifferlin Some people can’t start the day without a piping hot cup of coffee (or two, or three). Now, scientists have identified a gene that may explain […]

China may be the future of genetic enhancement

Source: BBC By G Owen Schaefer, National University of Singapore From The Conversation 8 August 2016 Would you want to alter your future children’s genes to make them smarter, stronger […]

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