Ghana: 90-year-old denied bride for being an ahmadiyya muslim

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A 90-year-old man, Sadick Ohene Adu, is demanding a refund of money paid as dowry to the family of his bride, after they refused to allow her to join him in his matrimonial home for being an Ahmadiyya Muslim.

Sadick Ohene Adu, a resident of Asafo in the Kumasi metropolis claims his bride, Maamuna a 64-year-old is an Alsuna Muslim and her family believes the two sects cannot be binded together by marriage.

Sadick narrating his ordeal on Atigya hosted by Kwadwo Bawuah, (Abesiriwa) said, his wife died in 2009 after which he decided to get another wife to support him.

”Someone introduced Maamuna, a widow to me last year, so we agreed to stay together as husband and wife after I had done all that tradition demands,” he said.

He explains that Maamuna who lived at Oforikrom introduced him to her family and his intention to marry her was warmly accepted by the family with joy especially for being under the same religious umbrella.

According to him, the family demanded GHc500 as dowry and other demands for the woman which amounted to GHc5000 of which he obliged and paid to the family.

After paying the money to the family somewhere last year, he demanded that Maamuna, bride to moved into his matrimonial home but the family told him to wait because the woman is a leading member of one of the popular parties and was busily campaigning so they pleaded with him to wait after the 2016 election.

”After the election, I went back to the family to pick my bride home with me since all the necessary rite and demand had been met but they told me I am an Ahmadiyya Muslim and my bride is an Alsuna so the union cannot be possible,” he revealed.

Sadick Ohene Adu is, therefore, demanding a refund of all the expenses made on his bride and the union but the family of Maamuna is unwilling to pay because they claim dowry paid on a woman cannot be refunded.


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    • One of the main reasons for marriage may be lonelyness. All the previous wives of the old gentleman may have passed away … The curse of long life.

  1. It is not unusual for older people to marry. This is for companionship and mutual support. I know of a number of such couples, and they are happy. But even so, sooner or later one or the other will pass away, so the other will be alone again. That’s how it goes. I assume this is much the case of the gentleman in Ghana, especially since his proposed wife was also elderly, and it is a pity that things did not work out. Of course, had it been an elderly man seeking a young girl, that would have been a totally different story!

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