USA: Ahmadiyya Muslim Community answers questions about Muslim faith at Fond Du Lac’s public library

Members of the Muslim Youth Association were on hand at the public library to answer concerns and questions about the Muslim faith

Source: , USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin


On Saturday, members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community invited citizens to the Fond du Lac Public Library to help uncloak the mystery of the teachings of Islam. Billed as the “Quran Exhibition to Fight Ignorance in Society,” it was hosted by area Muslim youth, who have been going door-to-door handing out pamphlets.

Their message is a simple one. Peace, through education and understanding.

Their campaign, “True Islam,” is the religious group’s means of combating extremist interpretations of Islam’s teachings.

“Our approach has been to go to different towns in the area and distribute these flyers and host programs that spread a message of peace through our …READ MORE AT SOURCE MENTIONED ABOVE.


Damon Stengl, 18, and Ekaan Ahmed, 15, of Oshkosh, gave up three hours to stand in the hot sun on Saturday, July 22 and answer questions about their Muslim beliefs. They were part of a presentation at the Fond du Lac Public Library, hosted by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, that serves the Fox Valley area and northern Wisconsin.(Photo: Sharon Roznik/USA TODAY NETWORK)

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