Britain’s biggest & Ahmadiyya Muslim’s Annual convention in Hampshire will see Muslims pledge peace & loyalty to Britain #JalsaSalana


Over 30,000 Muslims will gather to listen to keynote addresses from Caliph on 28 – 30 July

  •     Britain’s biggest annual Muslim convention in Hampshire will see Muslims pledge peace and loyalty to Britain

With the memory of the recent terror attacks in London and Manchester still fresh in the minds of Britons, the timing of Britain’s biggest annual Muslim convention could not be better.

Tens of thousands of Ahmadiyya Muslims are gathering in a field in Hampshire to take a pledge of peace and loyalty, a pledge that goes back more than 100 years and has been a cornerstone in the community’s history of peace. Attendees will form a human chain which will be televised live around the world so that a virtual global chain of Ahmadiyya Muslims unite to reaffirm their commitment against violence.

A key highlight of the Jalsa is the Pledge of Allegiance at the hand of the Khalifa (Caliph).

The pledge to be taken at the three-day event, 28th to 30th July, is taken annually but the terror attacks give it added resonance.

In pledging allegiance to the peaceful teachings of Islam, and to abide by the conditions of being members of the Ahmadiyya Muslims Community, members commit to

  •     inflict no harm on any of God’s creatures;
  •     keep away from disorder and rebellion and every kind of evil; and
  •     having sympathy for all God’s creatures, and to devote their talents for their welfare.

At the 51st Annual Convention (Jalsa Salana) of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, taking place in the … read more at source mentioned above.

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