Hundreds of German choir boys allegedly abused, report says

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Pope Benedict XVI attends a concert by the Regensburger Domspatzen boys choir at the Sistine Chapel, on October 22, 2005. The Muslim Times has the best collection of articles about Christianity

Source: CNN

By Ben Westcott, Laura Smith-Spark and Sara Mazloumsaki, CNN

As many as 547 former students of the Catholic Regensburger Domspatzen choir school in Germany were abused physically, and in some cases sexually, over a period of 70 years, an independent report has alleged.

The 440-page report, commissioned by the Regensburg diocese, found a culture of violence across the school, from pre-school classes, for children aged from 8 to 11, to boarding houses for older children, allegedly committed from 1945 until the report was commissioned in 2015.

“Pre-school victims of the Regensburg Domspatzen in (the towns of) Etterzhausen and Pielenhofen described the institution as a prison, hell and a concentration camp,” the report’s co-author lawyer Ulrich Weber said at a press conference Tuesday.

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3 replies

  1. Physical punishment of various severity was the norm in most institutions as well as in homes in the past. Most people didn’t consider it abnormal then, but now would be considered as abuse. I know of one man who was in a Catholic children’s home run by nuns, and the stories he told of his abuse and others are horrendous, and have done much harm to the psychological well being of such children. Thankfully attitudes have changed.

    Sexual abuse of children, or pedophilia, is also something that has come to light more recently, and it seems that it is even worse than previously expected, in all types of institutions, in religious, educational, and others. Why men should be drawn to children for their sexual needs is something that I have not heard any answers to as yet, although I suspect it’s a perversion or psychological problem which needs treatment, rather than punishment.

  2. Sexual grooming is a western value. A couple of poor Muslim migrants are trying to adopt this value in the name of integration.

    These Pakistanis have adopted the British values of grooming young children. They are the product of the British schooling with non-Muslim monolingual teachers. I have been doing Jihad in the field of education for the last 40 years so that each and every Muslim child should be in a state funded Muslim schools with bilingual Muslim teachers as role models during their developmental periods. I would like to see Muslim children developing Cultural, linguistic and spiritual identities so that they could keep themselves away from western barbarity of anti-social behaviour, binge drinking, drug addiction, teen age pregnancies and abortion and lot of other evils but people like you do not want to see Muslim children in Muslim schools in the name of integration. Now you have seen the result in the form of sexual grooming of young children which is a common occurrence in your culture.

    Is it any wonder? You have feckless parents having numerous children to different fathers. It has become the norm and their children repeat the cycle. There used to be a stigma to such behaviour, but no longer. Young people are bombarded with sexual imagery – you only have to look at people like Rihanna and other pop start to see that. Even the soaps legitimise young teens having sex – they all have young teenagers who have sex and who have babies. Where are the role models? Why aren’t young children encouraged to do something with their lives and take pride in achieving something?

    I’m surprised we’re not top! our teenagers are selfish, disgusting, loud, drunks and trouble makers when they are out and that includes girls.. This country’s youngsters are embarrassing and they are the same when they are abroad…I don’t know what’s happened… Why is this not surprising? most teenagers now days have terrible morals, horrible personalities and think that the most important thing in the world is looking good, being popular and being in a relationship. Most girls are fake looking and trashy and boys have lost that ‘gentleman’ quality about them. Teenagers nowadays are vile and I say this a NINETEEN year old. It disgusts me that being smart, virginal or sensible is seen as ‘stupid’ or ‘not cool’. It’s so sad.

    Western girls of 9 and 11 are having babies out of wedlock but they are not allowed to marry at such ages. Thanks to sex education in primary schools. Obviously a lot of people are ignorant about sex education in our primary schools, which is a lot more explicit than a display in Boots. Children are sexually aware at an early age and therefore are encouraged to experiment with their bodies which is not wise.

    The native Brits have double standards and are hypocrites; they don’t mention the fact that the majority of men who go to countries in East Asia looking for under aged sex are natives European men.

    This is sickening. It’s no wonder Great Britain is in such a bad shape. Ten years old British girls are having babies out of wedlock. They are not allowed to get married but are allowed to have babies. Teenage pregnancy rate in Great Britain is the highest in Western Europe. It is a civilised country and Yemen is a backward country because it allows young girls to get married.

    Britain is bottom of the league of 21 wealthiest countries in the world for the wellbeing of children, according to UNICEF. The internationally recognised figure for child abuse in this country is 1.million children. The NSPCC describe one in ten children as having endured child sexual abuse. A recent report by Young Minds announced that one in 12 young people are said to self-harm. The age at which prostitution starts in Britain is 12.
    Will the Jimmy Seville case be the tipping point? Has he, in being a revered member of the establishment, brought the child abuse truth into spaces that are more familiar than the ghettos of Britain? It is, paradoxically, his celebrity and our preoccupation with the celebrity culture that has kept this news alive for some two weeks. It would be a tragedy if this horror story didn’t lead to the substantial change of attitude required to make a difference.

    Barnard’s says it is working with more than 1,000 children who have been groomed, abused and trafficked for money, and the problem is growing. This is sickening. It’s no wonder Great Britain is in such a bad shape. Ten years old British girls are having babies out of wedlock. They are not allowed to get married but are allowed to have babies.

    Teenage pregnancy rate in Great Britain is the highest in western Europe. It is a civilised country and Yemen is a backward country because it allows young girls to get married. It is also gross hypocrisy for the police to prosecute paedophiles when the government is overseeing boy scouts being given condoms from the age 11 and girls of the same age being told it is OK to have sex if they use ‘protection’. Boys and girls at age 11 are not allowed to marry but they can have sex and produce children. Every parent is worried about his child being indoctrinated into the idea that gay and sexual promiscuity is “normal” modes of behaviour. At the same time, all parents have the right to control their children and it is their Duty to control them.

    However, each year in England and Wales around 300 under-13s become pregnant. Since 2002 there have been 63,487 pregnancies among under-16s including 15 aged ten, 39 aged 11, 268 aged 12, 2,527 aged 13, 14,777 aged 14 and 45,861 aged 15. So it is clear that many young people either don’t have the information, access to help and advice, or the self-confidence to take precautions or say ‘no’.

    The thought of being a virgin on your wedding night forget it, where are our morals and values. The answer, down the toilet. These are children having sex, getting pregnant exploring with partners. Just where is society going, I’m not psychic but from what’s going on in society today the future does not look pretty.

    More than a quarter of young women today lost their virginity when they were below the legal age of consent, NHS figures reveal. This does not surprise me at all, Britain has the most teen pregnancies in the whole of Europe. . Very sad that despite sexual education in schools nothing has really changed in the last 30 years, if anything it has become worse. Britain has the highest rates of abortion, STD, crime, obesity, divorce, illiterate school leavers, teen pregnancies, excessive drinking and drug use. Makes me ashamed.

    Some 27 per cent of 16 to 24 year-old admit they were 15 or under when they had sex for the first time.

    One in eight of this age group have already had sex with at least ten different partners. MPs and campaigners yesterday blamed the ‘pornification of society’ for encouraging young girls to dress themselves up as sex objects before they have even reached puberty. Critics say the rise in promiscuity over the generations is linked to increased sex education in schools that has ‘broken down the natural inhibitions of children with regard to sexual conduct’.

    This research confirms why the UK has the highest teenage BIRTH and ABORTION rates in Western Europe !!!!!!!

    What’s the point of the legal age being 16 when you are being taught at school that it’s ok as long as you practice safe sex. Nothing about love, respect, serious relationships or more importantly abstinence! Oh and something needs to be done about BOYS, too! Girls can’t be the only ones responsible for resisting pressure you know. More sex education in schools = more teenage pregnancies= more abortions. One of the problems is that now in schools we are taught safe sex at an early age, and not abstinence. The message was basically that sex at a young age is fine as long as it’s practiced safely. It should be taught that at such a young age, neither protected or unprotected sex is OK. The message is simply not clear enough

  3. I have to agree with much of what you say. There are many wrongs in the Western world, many things I don’t care for, and I too would like to see changes. But I have heard of sexual abuse in Muslim countries too, things are now coming to light which formerly were not heard of. You are suggesting that sex at an early age is not acceptable, unless of course the child is married. I don’t consider that right. We are getting back to perspective. I obviously have a different perspective to yourself, this is Europe, after all, not Saudi Arabia, and people coming here should adapt. There is much good too, and adapting doesn’t mean leading a perverse life. And there is no need to be shrouded to be a decent and modest woman, and there are plenty of those around too. The Queen has to be the no. 1 example.

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