Theresa May isn’t releasing the Saudi report because they’re obviously innocent – much better to blame trade unions

There should be a formula in which the amount of terrorism a country is allowed to promote depends on how many weapons they buy. For $4.2bn you can blow up a couple of public buildings, as long as you help sweep up

It’s always encouraging when people you’d expect to be enemies learn to get on, so it’s touching that the Government, that has said many times it doesn’t always see eye-to-eye with violent militant Islam, has apparently decided life’s too short to bear a grudge, and to stay friendly with the rulers of Saudi Arabia.

A report on the funding of terrorists was published this week revealing how “overseas” backing has aided institutions “that teach deeply conservative forms of Islam”. But the Government decided the report shouldn’t be published, and Home Secretary Amber Rudd wouldn’t say which overseas country was doing this funding.

If you were a detective, you might lean towards Saudi Arabia, as money from that country routinely funds this sort of Wahhabi conservative teaching, but Amber Rudd won’t say, so it will probably turn out to be the Isle of Man.


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