The tabloids published my teenage tweets and implied I’m a fanatical Muslim – so let me set the record straight

When I wrote these tweets, I was 16 years old and still working out who I was. They were happy to publish them, but failed to mention all the positive work and initiatives I’ve been part of since I made a few ill-advised jokes

This week I joined an exclusive club, a club with a very lucrative and specific membership list.

Having been elected as the President of the University of Salford’s Student Union and a National Executive Councillor of the NUS, I was chosen by the tabloid press for scrutiny.

The headlines started rolling in when tweets that I wrote as a teenager, at the beginning of sixth form college, caught people’s attention. The adolescent comments of a young girl were twisted to make them seem far more sinister than they ever were intended to be. “If I was President I’d oppress white people just to give them a taste of what they put us through! LMFAO” said one. In another, I said everyone should read the Quran; a separate one said that I didn’t think girls could be friends with guys and that there should be “boundaries” in those sorts of friendships because it was “Islamically not correct”.


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  1. Yes, folks! Be careful what you tweet and post anywhere on the internet. You may become famous and successful one day and all those jealous guys out there will try to ‘catch you’ …

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