Indonesian Ahmadiyya Muslim members say they’re denied state IDs over their beliefs

Source : RNS

JAKARTA, Indonesia (Reuters) Members of an Indonesian Islamic sect have issued a complaint that their human rights were breached by a local government refusing to issue them state ID cards unless they renounce their belief, a rights group said. The Ahmadiyah identify themselves as Muslims but believe another prophet followed the Prophet Muhammad, who founded Islam. Many mainstream Muslims and hard-line groups accuse the sect and other Muslim minorities of apostasy.A mob of 1,000 people beat to death three Ahmadis in an unprovoked attack in a village in Banten province, west of Jakarta, in 2011 and activists say the group continues to face discrimination.




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  1. How poor Ahmadies can expect any relaxation when powerful person is also charged on the basis of law which has no basis and founding in the holy Quran. Problem is the addiction of power forces the rulers to close their eyes from absolute justice and open their eyes when suddenly they start facing jolts. Pakistan is living example of a failed state where religious fanaticism has surpassed all the barriers. If Indonesia which once was famous for tolerance and human values wants to follow the footsteps of Pakistan no one can then help this great nation.

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