Theresa May in trouble

Source: CNN

Theresa May, the sitting prime minister and Conservative leader, is on course to lose her overall majority, according to exit polls and projections by BBC and Sky News, in one of the most shocking results in a UK election in recent history. While the results could end up with her hanging on as PM, it is a vindication of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour party as he has turned what looked, several weeks ago, like a Conservative landslide into a hung parliament with no overall winner.

Seats are unexpectedly changing hands in all directions, with major Westminster figures, including former deputy prime minister Nick Clegg, losing their seats and others, like the former business secretary Vince Cable, returning to Parliament.

At 10pm the exit poll predicted a hung parliament with the Conservatives as the largest party. A revised projection just before 3am by the BBC put the Conservatives on 318 – and Labour on 261. Sky News predicts the Conservatives will win between 308 and 328 seats.

May called the election to give her a stronger hand in Brexit talks, but the results suggest last year’s referendum has had an unexpected effect on voters. Labour have picked up votes from the anti-EU Ukip, who no longer had a purpose after the UK voted for Brexit last June, in the north of England but also support from people who voted Remain the south. Labour has also taken seats from the Conservatives in strongly-Remain supporting areas in London.

If you’re confused, don’t worry: we all are here in London too.


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