Ben Lee: why a Jewish-raised Hindu musician is singing songs about Islam for kids

Source: The Guardian

Ben Lee
Ben Lee: ‘I wanted to put out a record that describes the common ground we have, not the differences.’ Photograph: Dan Himbrechts/EPA

Protests about Donald Trump’s travel ban are taking many forms but perhaps one of the most unexpected is the release of a new album by Ben Lee, called Ben Lee Sings Songs About Islam for the Whole Family.

Yes, it’s a poppy, catchy album about Allah for kids, written by a Jewish-raised dude from Sydney.

Lee, an Australian musician who is based in Los Angeles, says he is seeking to distil the essence of Islam through music at a time of increasing hostility towards Muslims.

He tells Guardian Australia that originally the songs were going to be part of a multi-album project exploring the great religions of the world – including Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism – but the political situation in the US prompted him to put out the Islam-themed album separately.

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