Saudi Prince: Arabs Have ‘Wronged Islam And Distorted The Image Of Muslims’


Riyadh skyline

Source: International Business Times

By Christina Silva

Arabs have “wronged Islam and distorted the image of Muslims,” Saudi Prince Khaled Al-Faisal warned in a speech this week. The prince said Muslims should “not allow colonialism to return, or for divisions to prevail.”

The prince’s remarks were brief and did not reference any recent events in the Arab world. It’s unclear what he was referring to, but his comments come as the Islamic State group has carried out terror attacks against Muslims across the Middle East and as Saudi Arabia is locked in a struggle against Iran for influence over the region.

“I do not envy anyone who stands to speak on behalf of Arabs today. We have wronged Islam and distorted the image of Muslims,” Prince Saud, who has served as foreign minister of Saudi Arabia, said during the opening remarks at the 15th Arab Thought Foundation conference in Abu Dhabi. The theme of the event was: “Arab Integration: The Gulf Cooperation Council and the United Arab Emirates.”

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  1. Saudi Arabia and Iran re big rival in the Middle east both of them re very extremest dictators and corrupted countries. one of them represented of( sheya) and the other of them re represented of (suny) both of thme have wronged-Islam-disordered image addition in Islam there is not any rule how to shape the government. it is the reason why the middle east is crises.

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