Syrian girl blogger, 7, meets Erdogan after evacuation


Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan embraces Bana Al Abed, 7, from Aleppo, Syria, at his Presidential Palace in Ankara, Turkey, on Wednesday (AP photo)

Source: Jordan Times

Bana has 330,000 online followers

By AFP – Dec 21,2016

ANKARA — Seven-year-old Bana Al Abed, whose Twitter account gave a tragic description of the bombing of Aleppo in Syria, on Wednesday met Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at his palace in Ankara after her evacuation from the city.

Erdogan hugged the girl emotionally and also held Bana and her brother as they sat on his knees flanked by the president’s wife Emine.

“Very happy to meet with Mr Erdogan,” Bana wrote on a tweet above a picture of her nestling up to the cheek of the smiling Erdogan.

The young Syrian girl was one of thousands of people evacuated from once rebel-held areas of Aleppo in the last days under a deal brokered by Turkey and Russia.

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    • Each and every Syrian kids are as real as a Syrian war its the media that are spreading false news that some of the poor vulnerable children are not real we should not fall these kind of “hoax news”!

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