UN Security Council backs sending observers to Aleppo

Source: Aljazeera

With Russia’s support, unanimous vote to monitor evacuations from Syrian city marks rare agreement between world powers.

Evacuees from east Aleppo arrived at rebel-held al-Rashideen [Ammar Abdullah/Reuters]

With Russia’s backing, the United Nations Security Council on Monday voted to quickly deploy UN observers to Aleppo to monitor evacuations and report on the fate of civilians who remain in the besieged Syrian city.

The council unanimously adopted the French-drafted resolution that marks the first show of unity in months among world powers grappling with the crisis in Syria.

The resolution calls for UN officials and others to be able to monitor evacuations from eastern Aleppo and the safety of civilians who remain in the Syrian city.

The 15-member council resolution “demands all parties to provide these monitors with safe, immediate and unimpeded access”.


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