Why Pakistan’s accusations against Ahmadi Muslims are the height of hypocrisy

3 d Pakistan-flag

The white stripe in Pakistan flag is supposed to represent minorities, who have very little stake, now, in the present day Pakistan

Source: Religion News Service

By Tahir Nasser is a physician, an Ahmadi Muslim and a regular contributor and commentator in British media. Find him on Twitter: @TahirNasser

(RNS) From East to West, this last week has seen some of the most extraordinary examples of unvarnished hypocrisy I have ever witnessed.

In the U.S., the CIA raised concerns that a foreign power may have manipulated the election in a bid to install a right-wing leader. The irony cannot possibly be lost on anyone. The CIA has a long and inglorious history of installing right-wing and pseudo-democratic leaders across the nations of the world. Indeed, a 1953 coup by the CIA deposed Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh, as declassified documents attest.

This degree of brazen two-facedness, however, reached unprecedented clarity in the U.K. Boris Johnson, that master of gaffes, accused Saudi Arabia of being “puppeteers” and instigators of “proxy wars” through manipulating religion for political ends. Anyone should know Johnson was speaking the truth, but British Prime Minister Theresa May did not. Or rather, could not. British arms sales to Saudis for their bloodbath in Yemen are a major source of revenue for the government. Blood washes easily off the new five-pound notes, right?

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