The Muslim Reform Movement

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That day’s convening garnered significant media attention. Our members include men and women, Muslims at varying levels of practice, liberals and conservatives. Some have been activists for decades, others were just starting out, compelled to make a difference after yet another year of violent attacks by Islamists the world over made it clear that change simply will not happen without more Muslims putting ourselves on the front lines for reform.


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  1. Main problem with Muslim Ummah is closing its eyes to the prophecies of Prophet of Islam pbuh. He prophesied appearance of Imam Mahdi and Messiah during 14th century to revive the true teachings of Islam then why Ummah is not paying attention to it. Founder of Ahmadiyya community claimed to be awaited one. Few others also claimed but all perished. His community is flourishing each day. Entire non Muslim world endorses Ahmadiyya interpretation of Islam as acceptable. But sad part is, the whole Ummah rejects this claimant. Most probably this is the cause of all problems with Islamic world. Instead making reform movements or declaring founder of Ahmadiyya as impostor accept Him as the awaited and prophesied one, and see how problems of Islamic world are resolved.

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